Wednesday 19 August 2009

SORRY, LOVE! - by David Barber

A huge TKnC welcome to, Dave - my first ever writing buddy (when we were spotty teenagers!).


“Jesus, that was the most vivid dream I’ve had up to now – so real!”

In the blackness of the bedroom his wife just murmured next to him.

“Sorry, love, but I dreamt that I strangled you with what seemed like a never ending silk scarf, wrapping it round and around your neck so that you couldn’t get it off.”

His wife moaned something unintelligible.

“Oh sorry, love, didn’t mean to disturb you,” he whispered tenderly.

He gently patted the duvet covering his wife, unaware of her hands falling away from the silk scarf tied around her neck and her lifeless bloodshot eyes staring up into the darkness.

Manchester born and bred, but now living in Crieff, Scotland, with my wife, Lisa, and our two daughters, Imogen & Melissa. Wrote some years ago but have recently been inspired to write again by an old and good friend (Col Bury) and the beauty that surrounds me up here. Always reading - when not entertaining my girls and working - crime and horror…and now writing!


  1. Dave,
    Great debut, bud, and it's fantastic to have you joining in the fun here.

    I bet Lisa was impressed when she read this! How is she anyway...?

  2. It's good to know the character used silk. There’s nothing like strangling the wife with rayon or polyester to ruin the mood. Enjoyed your flash. Thanks, David.

  3. Great TKnC debut Dave.

  4. Col....Thanks pal, hope to get more on pretty soon. Lisa is fine and beautiful as ever. :-)

    Angel....Glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

    Alan....Much appreciated. Great to get positive feedback, thanks.

  5. Lee....Thanks, getting the bug back so there should be more soon. Appreciate your feedback.

  6. Oh, it is good. Nice n tight, as it were. Congrats on the Bullet Award.

  7. Paul, thanks mate. Bullet award was a huge surprise....but most welcome. Regards.