Saturday 8 August 2009

THE APPRENTICE - by Lily Childs

Lily chills yet again...


Carlotta jabbed the ragged wound with an insensitive finger.

"You’ve screwed it up."

"Forgive me. It’s…"

"I know, I know." Carlotta studied her young disciple, taking in his distress. "It happens. But you need to be more careful."

Ricardo sighed and hung his head in shame; he was desperate to please her. Biting at his lips, a crust of black blood fell into his mouth from where it had congealed. He licked it, blending the flakes and his saliva into a sticky fluid.

The coppery taste on Ricardo’s tongue made his heart race, and his groin ache.

Carlotta caught the earthy stink of his desire. She laughed. "You’ve got so much to learn. Come here."

Ricardo gave in to his mistress ungracefully. The bed rocked; the body beside them flopped back and forth, flabby and pink. Still alive.


The pair lay sweating and spent. Carlotta touched the boy’s face; her fingers played with his lips. Kissing his swollen mouth gently, she ran her tongue over his broken fang.

"Don’t worry. It’ll grow back."

Carlotta turned to examine their victim. She lifted the girl’s long hair away from her plump neck, exposing the throat.

She smiled."Come Ricardo...Let’s feed."

Lily Childs is a budding writer in the mystery, chiller and horror genre, and is thrilled to have her short stories published on Thrillers Killers 'N' Chillers.
She is currently writing her first novel.
Lily lives on the Sussex Coast with her artist husband and beautiful 5-year old daughter.


  1. Indeed, it is Col. For so many different reasons.

  2. Great Piece, and with immortality he should not be in a rush to learn his trade anyway.

  3. clever, a lot being said in a few words. Brilliant one, Lily! And nasty, too.

  4. Great opening and closing lines!