About TKnC

Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers aims to do what it says in the title - at least to thrill and chill (we haven't and don't advocate anyone killing anyone yet).

It is a webzine dedicated to writing and reading short stories and flash fiction in the most daring of genres, including crime, noir, action, thriller, horror, weird, spooky, supernatural and slice of life. As long as a story hits one of the criteria or, even better, transcends them all, then this is the place for it.

That's not to say all stories sent to us will end up on the site. We have a submissions process (see submissions page) and only the best will get on the site.

Because this is a site for the enjoyment of reading and writing genre fiction we do not pay for submissions, but offer a great platform to have your stories read and appreciated by like-minded individuals. On TKnC we have writers at all stages in their careers, from aspiring authors to published veterans and beyond. Many of our contributors have books on the shelves, have stories included in anthologies, magazines and at other online sites but continue to submit their work here for the sheer enjoyment of sharing their work. All copyright remains the property of the author. The editors do not necessarily share the views expressed in contributors' stories.

This site appears under a creative commons licence. It is non-profit making.

Photographs and artwork included on the site are sourced from photosharing sites, and it is our belief that permission has been given to their use. If anyone does not want their image used on this site, please email us at SubmissionsTKnC@Gmail.Com and the image will be withdrawn forthwith.

In 2009, TKnC was named the winner of the Preditors and Editors readers poll for favourite horror magazine/webzine, so we must be doing something right. Further to that, TKnC was a top ten finisher in 2010 and co-editor, Col Bury - our very own crime dude - was named best editor of the year. Why not stick around a while, take a look back through the archives and enjoy the viceral sensation as we entertain you.