Monday 24 August 2009

Please excuse the intrusion, but...

I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by Sara Tribble, the editor of Flash Me magazine, and author of I Am Write, a blog for aspiring authors, where I talk quite candidly about my writing career, past, present and future, and how TKnC came about and how it has become so succesful with some wonderful authors submitting their work. Maybe you'd care to take a break from the fiction and take a look here.

Matt Hilton


  1. Just read it. Great interview, always good to get an insight into how things happened. Oh and I bet Col's computer is beeping away with a Google Alert seeing his name got a mention lol.

  2. Cheers, Lee. I couldn't mention TKnC without Col, could I?

  3. Thanks Henry, and thank's Col. All cheques are very welcome!