Wednesday 30 September 2009

Plagiarism - No Thank You

Here at TKnC we take each submission on great faith and it saddened me to read this latest post bringing to my attention that we have a plagiarist in our ranks.

I'll leave you to take a read, but say wholeheartedly that both Col and I were duped along with everyone else. The 'offender' will be deleted from these pages once our readers are given their opportunity to respond. Probably better that you do it over at the link supplied to show support for the person outing this scam than you do so here. I'm not sure that the offender reads the comments here, or if he/she does then he/she doesn't respond.

My apologies to everyone who was sucked in the way we were. I stand by my original vision for TKnC, in that it is a place for genre authors to share their work. I should now amend that to say 'original work'.

ADD ON: since originally writing the above I've deleted the offender from these pages.

Any way, enough of the downers. Onwards we forge...



  1. Bloody'ell, Matt!

    I pop over to see me mum n when I come back all hell breaks loose!

    RR - it's unforgiveable what you've done. Lowest of the low in the writing world.

    I'll be much more vigilante in the future.

  2. It's amazing the range of of people he's ripped off. good on Angel for spotting it!

  3. It's wrong and he needs a bit of pub-carpark re-education. I hope he stole from me too, don't want to feel left out!

  4. Kind of shocking and then maddening to know that you fell for it, and even complimented the abduction of another's thoughts.
    A standing ovation to Angel and thanks to Col for exposing this heinousness.

  5. Cheers, Erin.

    May I just point out that I am not a 'vigilante' but I do intend to be more 'vigilant'!

  6. Col, "vigilante" is who this tosser needs a visit from. Some of you guys have posted loads more stuff than the likes of myself but it still winds me up that there are people who would actually do this!!
    Keep up the good work Col & Matt, it's a fantastic site.

    P.S.....HAPPY MONTH!! :-)

  7. Writing really is based on an honor system, because who could possibly read and remember everything ever written? What affordable software exists that could help catch those bent on plagiarism? None. Editors and publishers do the best they can, but there is no preventive for such behavior, there is only the hope that sharp eyes like Angel's will out such masquerades.

    Real writers are horrified when inadvertently our words come too close to something already published. Ridyard clearly is not a writer. He is a narcissist who cobbles together the words of others solely to induce words of praise from complete strangers. In one way, that's sad, he's a sad, pathetic figure. But I don't feel sorry for him. I feel he should be served on a platter, apple in his mouth and with suitable side dishes, to Hannibal Lecter.