Friday 18 September 2009

GAME, SET 'N' MATCH - by Col Bury

This piece of flash won the August One Word Challenge over on Writers News Talkback forum...


It was a simple plan, for a simple man. If things worked out there’d be no blood on my hands.

Andrea originally joined the Tennis Club after Cheryl had told her what ‘great fun’ it was. Six months on and Cheryl’s hubby made her quit, but Andrea’s appetite for the club grew stronger somehow.

Initially I was pleased she felt slimmer, fitter, though the fees were somewhat steep, credit crunch and all. But I noticed, despite her new zest, our love life had died.

Being a cop, I decided to investigate. And sure enough: advantage Dempsey, a poser if ever I saw one.


More like ‘Dirty-love!’

And so I was set to serve my ace with plenty of top spin. I considered delivering Dempsey my best backhand, but that wasn’t nearly enough. So I volleyed his head and ironically he made quite a racket. Especially when I smashed Andrea’s racket into his nether regions.

‘New balls, please!’

Andrea had just left his flat. I’m forensically aware, remember, plus my alibi was concrete. Motive-wise, Andrea’s the jealous type and Dempsey was rampant at the club. The next court she attended wasn’t half as favourable to her.

Game, set and match.

Col Bury is currently writing a crime novel and his ever-growing selection of short stories can be found here on TKnC, A Twist Of Noir, Six Sentences, Blink Ink and Flash Fiction Offensive. His Mum once told him his writing was really good. He blogs and interviews crime authors here:


  1. Goal! Oh .. very good indeed. Impressed you resisted the temptation to use the 70's picture of the tennis player scratching her bum ...

  2. Great piece, humour and violence

  3. I really liked this - funny, thrilling, suspenseful, and the character, witty and sly, won my heart.

    How's that book coming along?
    A little Joe Dirt inspiration for you - "Keep on keepin' on."

  4. Gah, those tennis pros. How I hate them.

  5. You crossed a line with this one Col. The Base Line! Short, sharp, witty and well written.

  6. Col, there were a few "Dempsey's" at the club I was a member at not far from you (D L). Posing t**t got what he deserved.
    Funny and well written pal. Regards.

  7. well played, cheeky and rippingly fun. well done!

  8. Paul,
    That classic snapshot did cross my mind.
    Lee, Jimmy, Alan n Dave,
    Cheers, chaps!
    Appreciate the feedback n the novel is progressing thanks, but not ready yet.
    And I will undoutedly 'keep on keeping on,'
    Matt uses that quote, too, so it must work!

  9. Crossed posts - ta very much, Mike.

  10. Wondered where I heard it. Haven't read any Joe Dirt yet, but it must have snuck in somewhere. Got Rink saying it at some point in one of my books. Maybe he read Joe Dirt himself!(by the way I'm taking it that Joe Dirt IS a character in a book - or, boy, will I look stupid!)

  11. This was great; fast moving and really clever. Gotcha! Loved it.

  12. Thanks for popping over n commenting, Joyce. Really glad you loved it!

  13. Great flash. The way I like them, succinct and able to make every word count.

    Jeanette Chezum

  14. I appreciate the comments, Jeanette.

  15. Compact, concise and right on the mark. Dead nuts (sic) perfect slice of fiction, served without fault. Well done Col

  16. Hey, Ron.
    Your words mean a lot.