Friday 4 September 2009

Competition Opportunity for you all - but probably not me goldarnit!

The Watery Grave Invitational offers an opportunity for all you TKnCers to enter a comp with real cash as an incentive. Take a look over at Corey Wilde's blog for instructions on how to enter. Be quick, there are only a few days remaining. I know that some of our regulars are already aware of this comp, but for the others, it is.


  1. I was already aware, but thanks for the heads up, Matt.
    Just emailed my entry. It's very competitive, but there are a fair few on this site that would stand a good chance.

  2. But why not for you, Matt? If I ever do this again, how could I modify the contest to entice more of the online writers to apply?

  3. Well, the easy answer is that in the rules it says that stories should be printed on the web but not on your own blog. Seeing as this is my blog (with a hat tip to Col who also does a lot of good work here)and I haven't posted any anywhere else - apart from my website, i kinda thought I was precluded.
    To answer your second question, I dunno. Maybe, you could ask all your site's visitors to post a link on their blogs I suppose, cause we've all got our followers who might not catch it originally. Just to clarify, I spotted it when it was anounced at The Rap Sheet and thought it sounded like a great idea. hence i posted the link. Hope it sends some writers your way. I'll also post a link over at my personal blog to your site if that's OK.

  4. Would any of the other zine editors (say, Christopher Grant at Twist of Noir?) help you get eligible by posting one of your stories by noon Tuesday? If I ever do this again, I'm going to have to re-write the rules so zine editors-authors like you don't find themselves excluded.

    I really like that idea of asking visitors to post a link, thanks for that. I know at least two my regular readers have linked and twittered, but I hadn't thought of asking everyone. Doh!