Tuesday 8 September 2009

BULLET AWARDS for THRILLERS, KILLERS 'N' CHILLERS and some of its writers...

Over at EASTERN STANDARD CRIME editor, Geoff Eighinger, has been reviewing short pieces of fiction for a while now and recently began the monthly BULLET AWARDS for the best crime fiction stories and publications.

For the month of August (a busy month for the editors with 43 post on 'ere!) both Matt and my-good-self are honoured to receive the BEST PUBLICATION award. Christopher Grant's top ezine, A TWIST OF NOIR, was Runner Up, so we're in great company!

That said, the award is based on points gleaned from the top five stories chosen from each site so it's YOU, the writers, who won this award. All contributors should give themselves a pat on the back (if that's possible!).

TKnC-wise, congratulations go to the winner of the BEST MINI-FICTION (under 500 words), Libby Cudmore with UNPLANNED and also to 2nd Runner Up, David Barber (my old schoolmate who's recently rekindled his interest in the written word after years off - what a boost, Dave: keep going!) with SORRY LOVE! (Chris Grant's GRETA AT THE TRACK - published here - won this category in July).

A special mention, too, for a regular at TKnC, Michael J. Solender who won the BEST FLASH FICTION Bullet (500-999 words) with THE BLUFFS AT TORREY PINES, published at ATON - and what a title!

Footnote: writing over 1,000 words doesn't qualify so...


Regards to all,


  1. And Right backatcha Col - great forum for us you and Matt have provided!

    Well done on your well deserved Kudos!

  2. Congratulations to you, Col and Matt. You guys do a great service here for us writers (sounds like that's wrong, doesn't it? Don't edit it, though, because I think it's right).

    Congrats also to Libby Cudmore (I loved Unplanned) and David Barber for Sorry, Love.

  3. Congrats to everyone! It's a great site so, Matt & Col, hats off to you both.
    Also.........WOW!! 2nd runner-up for my first flash (fiction, that is!)Thanks for the invite to ge me started again Col!
    Keep on writing!!

  4. Just wanted to say me and Col do the posting and stuff, but the content's down to all you guys (and us) so I think everyone can bask a moment in the kudos. Well done everyone.