Thursday, 10 September 2009


Hi Folks,
Just a quickie to apologise for the lack of posts this week. The pipeline is still looking healthy - never been better actually - but Matt's away and I've had a few deadlines this week which have been hampered by a broken wrist!

In the meantime, why not flick through the archives? You won't be disappointed as there are some absolute belters buried in there.
One-handed Col!!!


  1. Take care of that wrist and congrats on your award wins over at ESC.

  2. I pay good money for my subscription to TK...oh er, no need for an apology.

    All this sympathy for his wrist. All the ladies on Talkback practically covering him with blankets and offering the sickly child soup.

    Hope you get better soon Col, and bless your cotton socks.

  3. What have you been doing with that wrist Col??
    Take it easy and get better soon pal.

  4. Not what you think(!!!) - football injury.
    Thanks for the good wishes.
    Lee, you little tinker.