Wednesday 2 September 2009

FOR LOVE - by Cairol Dawson


Night winds fell upon this earth wailing all into an un-merciless darkness. Valleys stood parched from the fires of regret and smoldering lunacy. In the distance, old men bent in homage, pillars of smoke and death. The sea dried up into one lucid salt bowl, a rim of this earthly shore. No signs of life left.

The loneliness of the wind scorched everything in its path until there were only sparks and smoldering carcasses fused to the horizon. I hid my burning face; then she spoke.

“Why do you stay?” She asked. “Have you not lost and suffered enough? Do you seek more?” The wind blew furiously upon each word.

“I stay, because I love this place, because I love you.” I dared not look.

“You love this? Smoldering ash and burnt flesh? Will you stay and let me destroy you?“

“For love, yes.” Then I looked up.

She descended upon me within the darkness of a black squall, lashing her waters, beating itself with her own lesions from morphing into the typhoon, half-heartedly amused. Many were the faces of her wrath and her words, forever etched upon my immortal memory, while she consumed my soul, in her desire.

Cairol is a native Texan and writes dark fiction. She has published poetry and fiction in magazines, anthologies, reviews and has won many awards. Her novel Mind on Fire is a psychological thriller and is available at ISBN 9781438901138


  1. Welcome Cairol.

    Profound, cryptic and beautifully written.


  2. Dawson! Her words too frightening to read, too intriquing not to read. Her stories always leave me aware of every shadow in my room. So happy to find your work again!

  3. Some amazing poetic and frightening imagery here.