Thursday, 11 March 2010

Interval and competition update

For all of you TKnCers who entered or are planning on entering the short story competition to win a signed first edition hardback copy of my third book SLASH and BURN, please note that the deadline for submissions is midnight GMT tomorrow night (Friday 12th).


OK, because I changed the format of judging for the Joe Hunter Style Short Story comp (to allow everyone to read all the entries) I'm going to have to add an extra date in order to keep things straight. So, on Saturday 13th March I'm going to put a poll up at Joe Hunter's Fixer's Blog to determine the top three as selected by the readers. This will run until Midnight GMT Friday 18th. At this time the top three stories will then be posted here at TKnC and over at Matt Hilton Thrills and a new poll opened to decide the winner. This will close Minight GMT on Wednesday 31st March and the winner announced to great fanfare and hullaballoo on the 1st April.

Hope this works for everyone.

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