Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Interlude - The heat is on...

I'm glad to see so many people taking part in the voting for the competition to win a signed copy of my up-coming book, SLASH AND BURN over at the Joe Hunter's Fixers blog, and it looks like we have three stories racing towards the finishing post up until now. But will Gallance, Long Time Coming and Firestorm be the eventual short-list? It's down to you for your favourite to win. Make sure that you tell your friends, your family, anyone who enjoys to read a thrilling story, and send them there to vote for their favourite. Who knows where that will lead? Or who the eventual winner will be.

For clarity and fairness I'm taking no part in this round of voting. It's down to you, the readers to decide your favourites.

The stories are anonymous, so if you're one of the writers, keep things fair and don't tell your readers which is your story. Allow the story to stand on its own strengths, but do encourage people to read them and VOTE.

This round finishes this Friday 19th March at midnight GMT.

The top three will then be posted here at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers and at my blog over at Matt Hilton Thrills http://matthiltonbooks.blogspot.com/ where voting will be opened again. Votes from this round will be carried through. But, you are then invited to vote again for the eventual winner of the three shortlisted. You are allowed to vote at both sites (because I've no way of stopping this) and indeed it will pay you to do so to ensure your favourite wins. I will also add my vote to the story that I think is the best.

Round two will end Wednesday 31st March 2010 at midnight GMT and the winner announced on 1st April. All authors will then be credited to their respective stories.

Hope this is clear?

Now, go round up the troops and keep on voting.

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