Thursday, 7 January 2010

Short intermission and request

It's time for voting for the Editors and Predators E-zine Awards. If you think that Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers is worthy of a vote then you can do so here:

Please follow the instructions to log your vote on-line. The voting runs to mid-January so not much time left.

Thanks to TKnC regular Lee Hughes for bringing this to my attention.



  1. I want you both to know that even though there was a space that I could have easily typed A Twist Of Noir into, I clicked the dot next to TKNC and voted for you guys.

  2. Done. I have no clue about 99% of the multitude of contenders. I cannot imagine any doing a better job than you guys.

  3. Yup - done deal! Keeping everything crossed for a good outcome...!

  4. How could I not vote for the site that got me back on track with my writing???

    Big thanks to Matt & Col....Bring on the silverware!

    Regards, David.

  5. I was torn. There are two or three I read regularly but since matt and col are Northern lads...

  6. Hey, cheers, Guys n Gals!

    I popped over to vote for ATON, but it wasn't there - what a travesty!

  7. What can I say, Col? Apparently those at Critters Workshop don't read ATON. I'm not going to belabor the point, just push for everyone to vote for TKNC (which I've advocated at ATON) and congratulate you guys should you get the win, which you and Matt deserve.

  8. All done.

    Biggest, best of luck guys. You deserve it.

  9. Chris,
    It just didn't seem right that a big hitter such as ATON wasn't there so I've added it, voted for it n given you a mention on my blog.


  10. I agree with Col and others. ATON should get the accolades too. Chris, you're a gent for sending your regulars our way. Cheers, mate.