Friday, 15 January 2010

GONE by Pixie J. King

Pixie's back...


The water was black, deep. White foamy ripples tickled the rusty iron girders below. Roaring blurs of red and orange shot past by me, not knowing or caring I existed.

The pressure had become too much. This was my only choice, only way out.

I stared down at the cold, calm water. It juxtaposed what was going on in my mind; so many decisions, so many outcomes.

My palms clung onto the piercing sting of the metal, slipping, sliding. The wind billowed, franticly pounded me, and I gasped as it prized one of my hands away from the bridge.

I desperately scrambled to cling to the palms too sweaty to keep hold.

I screamed, looked down foolishly, the sudden panic and realisation sending my mind spiralling. I didn’t want to die now, even though I had already said goodbye and stuck two fingers up at the world.

Tears felt more like knives as the wind pierced my skin, numbing my hands.

The waves seemed to spiral up, ready to consume, hungry for such a young life.

Ribbons of black and navy exploded out, the creamy foam washed over in cool, calm ripples.


Pixie is a student who is new to the writing world, and writes when she can, where she can. Her work is mainly flash fiction and poems with the occasional short story.
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  1. ...but never forgotten.

    Great flash, Pixie.

  2. Very emotive struggle. Did she go? Or was it just the waves?

    Very nicely crafted Pixie.

  3. Yes....Did she, didn't she? Very nice piece of flash, Pixie.

  4. Well done Pixie! So much emotion - in so few words! I'm envious of your talent!!!

  5. Short and sharp. Did she - didn't she?
    Well done, Pickles!

  6. An atmospheric piece of flash and very effective. Well done K.

  7. chilling, atmospheric, clever.
    More please!

  8. Did she/didn't she? I'll let you decide, shan't want to spoil it.

    Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    Sue - Thank you!

    Glad you all like it :)

    Pixie x