Friday, 17 July 2009

Short intermission

I just wanted to share a few words with our readers, so please forgive this short intermission between all the great stories.

I'm very fortunate to be a published author and to have my debut book, Dead Men's Dust out there in the world for all to read and enjoy. However, that hasn't always been the case. When I was still an aspiring author I submitted to magazines and to publishing houses and collected enough rejections to wallpaper quite a large room, so I know how difficult it is for an aspiring writer to get their work out there.

When I started there was no such thing as the internet, so I didn't think about publishing electronically, and actually came late to the game (I only started blogging after I got the publishing deal). It was then that I realised that there are some great blogs and webzines who do offer an opportunity to writers to have their work read and commented upon, and it was for this reason I decided to start my own. Ta-da! Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers came out of that idea.

My intention for this site was to give authors an opportunity to post their work and to have their peers give comments and helpful feedback. I never expected it to be the great success it has become, and I must thank all those who have submitted work to TK'n'C. It never fails to amaze me the wealth of talent out there who are 'previously' undiscovered gems.

I didn't set up the site out of any altruistic reasons - and genuinely it was for the benefit of others - but I must say that I am happy to report that I have just received a comment that has made me feel extremely happy and has vindicated everything I set out to do.

One of our Australian contributors emailed Co-editor, Col Bury, and told him that he was attending school and that his classes were about writing 'crime fiction' stories. Doesn't sound so different than many others out there. But then he states: "...for english, at school, we're doing crime fiction. And my teacher strongly suggested your website as a point of call, to help familiarize ourselves with the world of crime, to see the different styles, views, perspectives of crime."

This to me is an ultimate accolade.

We - and I include everyone who has submitted, commented or had anything to do with the site -can be very proud in that we are helping writers to achieve their dreams.

A big, big thank you to you all.

And to the teacher out there in Oz. Thank you, you've made my day!

Matt Hilton


  1. Matt,
    I sat on this email overnight (not literally as that would be both ridiculous and impossible) wondering about its significance.
    This morning I read it again and thought, 'That's bloody good that is!'
    I, for one, am extremely proud and have also blogged about it.

  2. This site has been a tremendous starting point. I'd sold a piece to an anthology when I made my first submission here. But TKnC is where I was actually published first. So it goes at the head in my bios! And since finding TKnC it's introduced me to a wealth of sites and people. Even got an email this week from an ezine asking me to consider submitting to them lol. You've only got to watch the visit counter. Anyone that's been mulling over submitting, I'd say just take a chance and submit!

  3. Forgot to ass atr the end there: Big thanks to Matt and Col!

  4. Cheers, Leonardo.
    And I'm not surprised editors are asking you to submit work to them either as your stuff's shit...!!!

  5. Nah they just like practising their editing skills, error perception. As you pair know you get enough practice when I submit! Col, don't make me send Baron Terrain around to kick your arse....!

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  7. Lads,

    You'll be happy to know that it wasn't just my teacher who recommended the site... I actually attended this HSC workshop (HSC being the Australian equivalent of the A-Levels in the UK... I think) and they listed TKnC as a top source of flash-fiction. So be proud. Your site is being viewed by students all over the state.

    ... and Col, I see you're a Citizen? Santa Cruz, Tevez and now Adebayor? Sure you have enough strikers there? ;)

  8. Bloody 'ell (note apostrophe to denote abbreviation!) this is getting better and better - well chuffed.

    Thanks for the update, fella.
    I take it you're Man U?

  9. Matt,

    Thanks to you and Col for creating such a great venue for this genre. I only dabble in crime a bit but know just where to go when I want to read some of the very best flashers out there. I hop right across the pond and come here. Thanks for showcasing my work and hosting us Yanks.

    I have watched your site continue to grow and look forward to even more greta contributions here.


  10. We all look forward to more Greta. Get a shift on Christopher.

  11. Thanks, Michael - you're a gent and a part of what these teachers have read BTW.

    I've been trying to let Matt know re' Dom's update above, but he must be locked away writing!

    (Lee - funny guy!).

  12. 2009 has been a huge boom for zines and for the quality of the submissions that have been appearing online. Col and Matt, you should both be proud of yourselves for providing one of the very best outlets for both new and experienced writers to showcase their talents

  13. We are proud, Keith. And so should all the contributors be, including you.
    Many thanks.

  14. Guys, thanks to you all for the kind words and support. Like I said, I feel proud and vindicated.

  15. Congratulations, Matt and Col.

    Col first brought TKNC to my attention when he submitted to A Twist Of Noir and I told him at the time that I would contribute in the future. Took me a bit but I did.

    What I think makes everyone like you guys so much is that you are writers, just like us, and know what the average writer goes through to punch out a story. That makes one (at least this one) comfortable in the knowledge that my stories are safe in your hands.

    I'm in complete agreement with Keith that 2009 has been a huge boom year for the zines and online publishing.

    As I told Eric Beetner in a small interview he did with me, I think we're all on the cusp of something great here.

    And TKNC is one of the leaders towards that greatness.

    As for Greta, Lee, she's been in the neighborhood recently so I should be giving you another tale soon.

    Again, Matt and Col, congratulations and much thanks for the site.

  16. Well, cobbers, that's bloody good, isn't it? Well deserved praise.

  17. Chris,

    Your kind words mean a helluva lot.

    When I first saw your site I was in awe of the talent on there and stayed for hours on end reading the stories. Then finally plucked up the courage to have a pop. If people are doing the same on here then it's all good.

    Cheers, Paul. Let me know if you're ever near Manchester n you can buy me a pint!!!