Saturday 11 July 2009

FLY BOY - by Col Bury


The phenomenon began after Johnny’s near death experience. Sure, there was a tunnel, bright light and euphoric feeling. Although before he reached the familiar figures he zoomed back to his body with a jolt.

The first person he saw after his so-called ‘accident’ was the nurse. She was glowing before him, her multi-coloured aura topped with a pastel pink halo.


He assumed it was a dream, or the drugs, so on his discharge he wasn’t prepared for what was next. The bus ride home, and with each turn peoples’ auras and halos swayed mesmerically.


Whenever he slept he’d leave his body and bounce around the neighbourhood, higher each night, until he realised he could fly. On finding, with concentration, he could actually touch in this state, he began searching.

Six months it took to find the cowardly bastard. No halo on this guy as he staggered into the Mondeo pissed. Johnny sat beside him, the dent - created by Johnny - still visible on the bonnet.

At 50mph a quick yank on the steering wheel was all it took to impact the tree.

Ignoring the screams, Johnny gazed at the swaying, mesmeric flames.


Then off he flew...

Col Bury is currently writing a crime novel and his ever-growing selection of short stories can be found on TKnC and A Twist Of Noir. He blogs and interviews crime authors here:


  1. Great flash. Knew the bloke was a bad'un when I read the word Mondeo.

  2. Cheers, Lee.
    Have you been to be yet?
    Or are you an owl like me?
    Dedication, eh?

  3. Nay I slept. I just get up early. I like the quiet hours, can get loads done.

  4. Hehehe. Short? But isn't this the same as the OWC?

    It doesn't matter, I loved it when I first read it and I still do now.

    Look forward to my summer holiday read. :)

  5. Hey, Probie.
    Yeah, I thought I'd put it to some use.
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Good one, Col. You did in this short what it took me 120,000 words to achieve (and that book never did get published - damnit!)

    Hey, Lee, does this mean I have to get a new car or does my Mondeo give me better standing as a bad-ass? Street cred at last, woo-hoo!

  7. Ta, Matt.

    Have you got a Mondeo?

  8. Outstanding supernatural/crime short, Col.

  9. Thanks very much, Chris.

    And cheers, Nick (?).

  10. I'm delighted to annonce that this story has been accepted in the Pill Hill Press Daily Fiction antholgy!

    Read more here...

  11. Col, i'd never even heard the term flash fiction til i stumbled onto your Forum of Fury as a taster , then this...within the first few lines a hundred possibilities had flashed (no pun intended!) through my mind....the scene was set... then it was all over....


    very cool...i look forward to reading more!!

  12. Cheers, bud.

    There's a whole new world out here... glad you've discovered it!