Thursday, 16 July 2009

THE LOT - by David Price

More new blood and an action-packed short from David...


They surrounded me. There were six of them. There was no way out. I would have to fight for my life and hope to survive.

The big one called himself Ringo after the old west gunfighter. He was the war lord of the East Side Kings. The other five were all members in good standing. They were intent on teaching me a lesson with fists and feet. At least I had a chance. I wouldn’t get stabbed or shot in the back. I knew I wasn’t going to come out on top of this deal but I figured to leave my mark on a few of them.

Off across the vacant lot. I could see Junior, the president of the ESK with three of the original members. They stood with their arms crossed, cigarettes hanging from their lips and a sneer on every face. They were going to enjoy this.

As the circle closed around me, I thought of my mom and the breakfast conversation we had that morning.

“What are you going to do today?”

“I don’t know. Maybe go over to the lot and play some stickball.”

She got quiet. She set my eggs and toast down in front of me and frowned. “You know I don’t like you going over there. That kid Junior and his worthless gangsters buddies hang out there. You’re asking for trouble when you go into their neighborhood. Why don’t you go down to the “Y” and play basketball or something?”

“Ma, I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself. Besides, Junior and his buddies don’t scare me.”

“Ricky, just because you’re on the wrestling team doesn’t mean you can take care of yourself. It’s never a fair fight with those punks.”

“I’ll mind my own business. I’ll be alright.”

“I’d forbid you to go but I know you’ll do as you please. Just be careful and stay out of their way.”

“I’ll be fine, ma. See you at suppertime.”

The first attack came from my right side. I saw the right cross coming and ducked the punch. As soon as I did, I caught a knee in the mouth. My lip split open good. I reached from a crouch and caught an ankle and drove forward until the guy fell on his back.

I threw an elbow in his face and could tell that I had broken his nose. I rolled off of him as I received kicks from both sides. I did a fast forward roll and came to my feet. I turned quickly toward them. The first guy coming in caught an uppercut from my crouched position. I caught him good and he bit his tongue hard. His mouth gushed blood.

I felt a punch to the back of my head. I staggered but didn’t fall. Then I was kicked on both legs. I knew I was going down so I reached out and grabbed the closest guy in a headlock and twisted my body throwing him over my hip in a classic head and arm takedown. I slammed him hard and on his back. I could hear the air whoosh out of him.

Immediately punches began raining down on me. I used my arms to cover my face and head as I was hit repeatedly.

With the last burst of energy I had, I thrust upward and threw a barrage of rights and lefts in a jackhammer assault. I hit bone and flesh and punched till I felt exhaustion begin to overtake me. Then I was hit in the head from behind and saw stars as I fell face first.

I felt the kicks for only a few seconds before I passed out.
When I began to come to, I felt the pain in every part of my body. I could taste the iron of my own blood in my mouth. My head throbbed.

I looked up. The sun was obscured by a circle of faces looking down on me. It was like a football huddle and all the players were looking at me.

Then I saw Ringo and his swollen nose and two black eyes. Next to him were Junior and the senior gang members.

Junior spoke first, “Good job Ricky. You fought like a warrior. You’re one of us.

Damn, I did it .I’ve been trying to get in the East Side Kings for two years. Now I’ve proved myself. I’ve been “jumped in”.

David Price is an ex-college jock and retired probation officer residing in California. His writing efforts can be seen at Thuglit, A Twist of Noir, Flash Fiction Offensive, Darkest Before The Dawn, Powder Burn Flash and Crooked.


  1. Welcome to TKnC, David.
    Well written piece. Authentic fight scene.
    I was there with Ricky.
    And nice ending.
    Come again!

  2. Enjoyed that, nothing like well-written violence at breakfast time! And welcome to TKnC!

  3. Good denouement David. Didn't see that one coming.

  4. Thanks for putting up my story. I appreciate the posiive comments. David Price

  5. Nice twist at the end, David. I thought for sure Ricky was going down and staying down, rather than getting into the Kings.