Friday, 17 September 2010

A message from our sponsors...

Just in case you've missed them, we had a bit of an influx of submissions over the past week with no less than a dozen new works of crime, horror and thrilling fiction going up on the site, with something for everyone to enjoy. If you missed them, they're well worth a look back through. If you read them, good on yer. If you've any 'nice' feedback for the authors please put it in the comments box. If you've nothing nice to say - then say nothing (whoever the idjit is posting anonymously you've been rumbled and your posts have been/will be deleted).

By the way, did you see the call out for submissions. take a look back under the heading The Darkness Falls for full details.

I'm adding a little bit here(Lee) Those that cause problems under 'anonymous' aren't as 'anonymous' as they'd like to think. I've got the IP addresses and know the Service Provider you use and if there's any more 'postings', well, I think you get the message.

Bring on Halloween!

Cheers Y'all
Ye Olde editor

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