Thursday, 16 September 2010


Looking for Adventure

She clutched her handbag nervously and sipped her drink. They looked normal, she thought, looking at the other customers. Some of them probably were normal, she realised. Some of them were probably like her.

This thought put her off approaching anyone. She figured they would know she was one of the normals, whereas she couldn’t tell the difference.

“Hi there,” she heard a drawling voice say over the music. She turned to see a handsome man.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Haven’t seen you here before,” he said.

“First time,” she gulped. “Someone told me it was a good place to meet...” she didn’t dare say the word ‘vampire’, and smiled at him instead of finishing her sentence.

“It’s a great place to meet us,” he said, giving her a smile. His teeth looked normal, she thought. It must be like in the films, the fangs just extend when they’re about to bite. His eyes sure did look sexy, they drew her in. She couldn’t stop staring into them.

“So, you’re a lady with a sense of adventure?” he asked.

She nodded. “I uh...I wanted to try something different,” she said a little nervously.

“We’re different all right,” he said, laying a hand on her leg. She felt a flutter of excitement.

“Why don’t I get you another drink?” he asked.

She nodded. “Gin and tonic,” she told him. He nodded and walked confidently to the bar.  
“Gin and tonic,” he said when he returned with a glass, sliding in to the seat beside her and resting his hand on her leg again. As she sipped her drink she could feel butterflies in her stomach. He touched her face and gently brought turned it toward him. The sense that his eyes had seen so much entranced her again.

“Such soft, youthful skin,” he murmured, stroking her cheek. “I’d like to stroke some more of it,” he whispered in her ear.

She stifled a giggle as his breath was ticklish on her earlobe. “I’d like that too,” she whispered back. He stood up and helped her to her feet; the strength in his arms made her feel weightless.
The moon was hidden behind the clouds as they left the bar. He walked behind her, his hands resting on her hips, steering her toward a motorbike in the car park. Sexy, she thought, imagining herself sitting behind him, her arms wrapped around him as her hair flapped in the wind.

When they reached the motorbike she turned to face him. The moon had come out from behind the clouds and his features were fully illuminated. She tried to scream but it caught in her throat.

“We tell everyone it’s a vampire bar,” he snarled. “Everyone wants to be with a vampire. No one would come if we admitted we were werewolves.”

“No,” she gasped. “Don’t bite me! No!”

“You wanted an adventure,” he growled. “You’re going to have the most exciting night of your life.”

Joleen Kuyper likes to write dark tales of all sorts, usually involving nasty things happening to her characters. In real life however, she's actually quite a nice person. Honestly. She can often be found lurking on the internet in places such as her blog,


  1. Tee hee, you True Blood girl you.

    Didn't expect that ending. Good one.

  2. Top story, Jolene. Well written and a stonker of a twist at the end. Well done indeed.

  3. Thanks Lily and David! Glad to see the twist is catching people out, hehe!

  4. Joleen,

    You got me with the ending. Nice job.

  5. Dear J,
    Others will know I'm a timid reader of this sort of story and visit the site with a virtual mind-door open to make good my escape should things get too nasty. I'm not into vampire/werwolf-ology but 'get it' enough to find your story excellent. It's neat, misleading without dishonesty and has a twist that even I understand instantly. Well done!

  6. Cheers folks! Glad you enjoyed it & the ending is catching people out! :-)