Monday, 6 September 2010

The darkness falls...

As I write this the sky outside is grey and the wind is up and already some of the leaves and flowers in my garden aren't as vibrant as they were a couple of weeks ago. It's a sight to herald in dark nights, crisp frosts and drifts of fallen leaves along roadsides. It makes me start to think of autumn and the long winter that follows. But I love this time of year because it hits some sort of creative switch in my brain and lets loose all the horrors that bright sunshine fails to conjure (though that's a rarety here in the eternal grey shroud that is northern England). And I'm guessing that it has a similar impact on you the readers and authors that inhabit this unhallowed space that is TKnC.

So here's the rub:

Get your creative juices flowing and come up with some themed stories for the upcoming dark nights. First up is Halloween. Give us your best crime, noir, horror or thriller stories based upon the idea of Halloween or even as a backdrop to the story. Recalling last year we had some top scary tales submitted around that time, so let's try and surpass them shall we?

Then us Brits have bonfire night to use for inspiration in early November, with our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving shortly afterwards. If you have any stories around those themes, think about sending them in a couple of weeks before hand.

December is Christmas month - wherever you hail from - so start thinking now about what you can do to thrill or chill us over the 'festive' season.

Submission guidelines are in the tab above.

Happy writing

Ye Olde(st) editor

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