Tuesday, 1 December 2009

TK'n'C reviewed & Lee Hughes story praised...

Apologies for the second interruption, but it's just a quick heads up that our site got a nice little review from horror writer T R Shaw on her blog here.
'Some of the work on there is absolute brilliant…you must go and see,' is one of the quotes so hats off to one 'n' all.
Lee's short, Coins For Charon gets recommended too and, as T R Shaw says, it's, 'Shockingly intriguing from the first paragraph.'
Well done Lee!
And a big thanks to Tina for the review.


  1. It's nice when you see something good written about a story you've done. Though, each of us, the readers and the writers make TKnC what it is, and long may it be around.

  2. Rest assured - the only way it won't be around is if the blogosphere explodes or if the world ends! Hmm...I feel a short story coming on!

  3. Yes, excellent. Top site, top writers and run by two top guys. Long may it continue. Congrats to Lee, great story.
    All the best, David.

  4. If I could display in words how I curtsey to TK'n'C, then I would. /o\ - nope, looks like I'm about to do a handstand...

    Brilliant Lee. THANK YOU - Matt and Col.
    And thank you, Tina for reviewing.