Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Let's give Tony a warm TKnC welcome on his debut...

Stupid Bastard

“He shot a man in Reno you know”, proclaimed Dean Dobie, the man responsible for the sudden increase in gun crime on the east coast.

“Why?” pondered Tommy Rich, the young gun charged with the prospect of assassinating Leroy Brown, the most dangerous killer the mob had ever dared hire.

“I don’t know, apparently he just wanted to watch him die”. These words made the daunting task facing Tommy even more unachievable, after all if Joe the Bull and Sammy Sims were unable to kill him what chance did he stand? Still he knew that to kill Leroy would be the only way he could become a made man. More importantly it would provide him with the respect he felt he deserved, all those years dealing dope and coke downtown would finally be paid off.

“Why you want him dead Mr Dobie?” asked Tommy, with the idea firmly rooted in him that if he was going to die he may as well find out the reasons why.

“As I’ve said before, he killed Ben and then proceeded to fuck the Don’s wife”.

“Oh yeah” replied Tommy.“

Now get up there and good luck, you pull this off and the family will get you anything you want”

“Thanks Mr Dobie”. Tommy got out of the car and entered the block of flats where Leroy was staying. Before he pressed the elevator button he made sure his gun was loaded, ensuring that he didn’t make the same mistake Sammy Sims did.

Leroy sat in the darkness of his hotel room with his gun pointing at the door, waiting for the next poor schmuck the Don sent. The others were so easy for Leroy to kill that he almost felt sorry for them. Almost being the key word in that phrase.

“All this for some stupid kid” muttered Leroy, disgusted with the thought that the Don had put his own wife and son before him. After all he had killed dozens if not hundreds of people for the man and this was the thanks he got? Fatigue was starting to set in on Leroy and he knew that he couldn’t keep awake all the time; soon he would have to go on the offensive and strike the Don at his home. As he slipped into a dream, he knew that if someone was to arrive now that they would probably be able to kill him.

Dean Dobie sat in the car gently prodding at the bandage covering his ear. Leroy had shot it off when Dobie had attempted to kill him. He was the one who had caught Leroy with the Dons wife but before he could call for help or even get his hand on the trigger of his gun, Leroy had already shot him. Dobie was aware of the fact that the only reason he didn’t have a bullet in his brain is that Leroy was distracted when he had burst in on him.

After all he had seen first hand how dangerous Leroy was; he remembered when he had first accompanied him on a job. It was to kill a soldier of the family called John Myra, who had grown too big for his own shoes and was taking a larger slice of the profits then he was entitled to.

They arrived at his house in the middle of night only to find that John was expecting them with a couple of his friends there to outnumber the duo. Dobie had managed to kill one or two of them but really it was Leroy who was carrying out the killing. He had managed to kill about seven or eight of them without wasting a bullet.

Just as it looked as if he had the drop on Myra, he had run out of bullets. Myra shot his last bullet directly into Leroy’s shoulder. Leroy didn’t even flinch.

He calmly walked up to Myra and grabbed his ears causing them to bleed before pulling out a knife that he kept in his back pocket. Leroy then proceeded to earn the pay check that the Don was going to pay him.

As they left the house Dobie asked Leroy whether he needed to take him to the family doctor. The fact that Leroy just laughed at this question had made Dobie feel uneasy. To say that he didn’t envy Tommy Richs job of having to kill the man was an understatement.

Tommy stepped out of the elevator and looked up and down the corridor to check if there where any people hanging around. After confirming that there was no one around he pulled out his gun and slowly made his way to Leroy’s room number.

“Just be calm” Tommy whispered to himself, “he probably isn’t even expecting you”.

These words just served to make Tommy even more nauseous and he had to stop and lean against the wall just to stop himself from being sick. He briefly considered running out of the hotel and making his way to Mexico to start a new life but he knew that if he done that, the Don would find him and kill him. He walked a bit further down the corridor before reaching Leroy’s room.

He recited his plan to himself “right Tommy, all you need to do is bash the door down and fire a couple of shots into the room and then pray to Allah, God, Brahman or any other Gods who are listening that you’ve killed him”. He took three deep breaths before attempting to shoulder barge the door down.

BANG. The noise woke Leroy and he fired a stream of bullets at the door only to find that it hadn’t even opened. He opened the door only to see a boy no older than twenty clutching his shoulder, lying on the floor.

“You stupid bastard” laughed Leroy. The boy had broke his shoulder trying to barge the door open. Leroy then cocked his gun and put a bullet into the kid’s brain.

Tony Deans is a young writer originally from London UK. His previous short story “The Ballad of Jimmy Jazz” can be found at All Due Respect Magazine. He is currently writing more stories full of seventies musical references.


  1. Welcome, Tony.

    Cool debut, fella.


  2. This was great. I think I've seen it in movies before, but this was better.

  3. Brilliant. Meaner than a jukyard dog.

  4. Great fun - you paint colourful pictures with your words. Nice job!

  5. Welcome to TKnC, Tony. A good debut story.

  6. Great work Tony! Submit more when you can!