Friday, 14 January 2011

'P&E Readers Poll, Best Ezine 2010'... TKnC nominated, plus, one of our editors!

I felt a tad awkward about this, so held back until I'd spoken to the man whose brainchild TKnC was - Matt. However, being a true gent he gave his blessing, as someone kindly nominated me (Col) in the 'best editor' poll. TKnC, sure... but ME...?

Anyway, voting is open until January 26th 2011. If you wanna vote for us - or any of the other fine sites listed, including A Twist Of Noir & Pulp Metal Mag', plus loads of cool horror sites - go here...

And if you really think I was last year's best e-zine editor (then keep taking the tablets!) - you can vote here for your choice...

You have to scroll down a tad to reach the list and you do have to verify each vote with your email address, but 'Critters Workshop', who run the poll, is a trustworthy site and doesn't send spam.

Thanks to the person who nominated us.

A somewhat humbled, Col


  1. Well done on being nominated, Col - I most certainly understand why. You do a great job on here (as do those other two blokes).

    Think I'll just take a little schmoozy over to Critters ;).......

  2. Many thanks, Lil. Your ongoing support is hugely appreciated. X

  3. Hell yes! Glad to see TKnC get some well-deserved props.