Tuesday 3 November 2009

SHADOWS AND ARCS - by Glenn Gray

Greetings to yet another talented scribe from across that big pond...

Shadows and Arcs

You look like an angel when you sleep.

Your black hair snakes in delicious curves across the pillow.

Your eyes closed, globes fluttering beneath the lids. The sharp line of your orbital bone is like a masterful Greek sculpture.

I want to cry.

The love I feel is immense, unwieldy.

When you sleep, you are wholly calm, every muscle lax; sinewy lines forming dainty hard angles.

The weight I feel is monstrous.

I want to vomit.

I kneel before you; feel your breath on my lips.

You told me we’ll talk.

In the morning.

You told me it isn’t right.

It happens.

I told you, no, no it is right. The rightest thing ever.

You were then silent.

Unspoken words speak volumes.

I asked you how long has it been this way.

You said probably from the beginning.

I told you ten years is not possible.

You told me it could be.

But the children.

They’ll be fine.

But the house.

We’ll sell it.

But our love.

What love?

I stand.

You look like an angel when you sleep.

Your black hair snakes in delicious curves across the pillow.

Your eyes peek open.

You look confused.

Why is he standing there?

Groggy yet beautiful.

What is he holding overhead?

The sharp line of you orbital bone is like a masterful Greek sculpture.

I aim for that.

The shadow I create sweeps across your angelic face in a swift shuttering arc.

I want to cry.

Glenn Gray's stories have appeared in Plots with Guns, Thuglit, Beat to a Pulp, Underground Voices, Word Riot, Long Story Short, Bewildering Stories, FFO, Powder Burn and many others. He has a third OOTG story forthcoming in their "Sexploitation" Issue. He lives in New York.


  1. Welcome, Glenn.
    Uniquely written slant on a simple idea. Cracking debut.

  2. Poetic, beautiful and gut-wrenching. Awesome work, Glenn.

  3. Very well done. I can only echo the previous comments.

  4. Greetings Glenn.

    I found this beautiful. It wrenched at my heart with its tragedy.

  5. Thanks for reading, all. Very much appreciate the kind comments.

  6. A great piece that was very well written.
    Regards, David.

  7. Nicely done, Glenn. Had no idea where it was heading and loved the echo effect of the words.

  8. A really pleasant suprise, this. Brilliant.

  9. Tight and concisely written. I suppose now if your wife were to ever leave you she'd send a telegram.... from far, far away! I loved it!

  10. Glenn,

    That was really great! You had me on the ride from the very first line. I can remember that greater then life feeling, the feeling of almost powerless out of control car crash waiting to happen feeling. Pit of your stomach feeling.

    I like that Haiku rhythm it has a lot. Sharp, cutting...

    Really good stuff man!

  11. Love the style in which this was written. It's like you're going down a slide and you're fearful of what's at the bottom, but cannot stop. You have to know. Really enjoyed this.