Friday, 15 May 2009

Just a quick note from the co-editor...

In case any readers are unaware - if you like what you've read from a particular author on TKnC then to read more from the same person (if that author does actually have more than one piece on here) you can just click on their name in the 'label' section at the end of each post and all the stories from that author will be viewable by simply scrolling down.

Hope this helps in saving some time trawling through, but if you do have a few minutes spare there are some great yarns deep in the TKnC archives back to its inception on January 18th 2009.

Matt and I are both proud and 'well chuffed' at the quality of the submissions to date (a big 'thanks' to all concerned) and there's a few more fresh ones in the pipeline so watch this space.

And keep 'em coming!


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