Friday, 1 May 2009

GRUB UP - by Lily Childs

Lily's back...!


Vanessa was skeletal. I could barely get any meat off her bones so I just gnawed away at the stringy flesh. I sighed. I’d starve at this rate.

I sat back and surveyed the remains of my late cousin. Apparently she didn’t know I have certain tastes. And that I’ve been particularly hungry lately.

I was still ravenous, but I knew it was risky to go out hunting because I get careless going in for the kill. Yet thoughts of feeding made saliva drip in my mouth, washing my gums, plumping my tongue.

I hesitated. No. I couldn’t do it; it was too dangerous. I’d have to go without. Dejected I slumped down onto the threadbare sofa, then jumped as the phone rang. Snatching it off its cradle I answered.

‘Who is it?’

‘Is she there?’

‘What?’ I didn’t recognise the voice.

‘It’s Ben, Vanessa’s boyfriend. I’m outside your building. Is she there?’ My heart smiled and I spoke to the pining lover.

‘Yes Ben. She’s here. She’s sitting in the corner. Come on up – we’ll wait for you.’

I replaced the receiver and lingered by the window, watching. The juices were already stirring in my belly.

Lily Childs is a budding writer in the mystery and chiller genre, and is thrilled to have her first short stories published on Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers.
After a seven-year spell in France, Lily now lives on the Sussex Coast with her artist husband and beautiful 5-year old daughter.


  1. This one's whet my appetite for more.
    Loved it, Lily.

  2. Considering your choice of image, Col, how did you know the narrator was female? (Though she was.)

  3. Not obvious. Must've read between the lines...

  4. Yeah, well you're right. I never did like 'Vanessa'...

  5. I must have read between the lines as well, or the image influenced me in a subliminal way. But, must say, there's something even more terrifying when the narrator is a woman. Must be that preying mantis or black widow thing going on in the psyche.