Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ye Olde Editor Speaks...

Just a note from Ye Olde Editor here to thank everyone for their support and comments. It is gratifying to see the surge of interest in this little venture and I'm thrilled with the response.

The standard of the stories is very high - attesting to the fact that some great writers are now choosing to submit their work here.

I must, however make a small point and direct some people choosing to submit their work to the brief in the welcome message. We are receiving some truly astounding work, only some of it does not fit the style of the site. The work must be thriller, crime, mystery, suspense, or horror - I know that the genres often cross over and are very subjective, but I think that people understand where I'm coming from. Please keep this in mind when submitting, because it isn't an easy decision for Ye Olde Editor to 'reject' the work. Please don't be offended if your work doesn't appear, it only means that it doesn't quite fit the style.

Any way, that's the sermon over with, and now we'll get back on to doing what we all do best... thrilling, killing and chilling our readers.

Comments to this are appreciated, as I'd like to ensure that we're on track here.

Ye Olde Editor...Matt.


  1. Matt,
    I echo these sentiments.
    We have had a surge of submissions lately, which is great, but some, despite being very well written, don't quite fit TKnC.

    Conclusion: if it's well written and 'fits' then it's on!!!

  2. Cheers Col,
    I hope those stories that don't make it on here do well elsewhere. And I'm sure everyone undestands my decision.

  3. Sounds very reasonable - people come here expecting to read in this particular area and there are other places where good writing can be showcased.
    Have to take issue with one comment (you know me! Well, you don't actually but never mind...) - you write, "we'll get back on to doing what we all do best...thrilling, killing and chilling our readers."
    Being thrilled and chilled I can deal with but I didn't realise I was subscribing to my own death sentence. (But if I have to go could you make sure it's a good story and worth my while, please?)

  4. Ha-Ha! Good point Clare. (really must make sure that I write what I mean in future).
    But, hey, there's a point. Might run a little competition in future where poeple can have themselves 'metaphorically killed' in a story. Blazing glory or brutal and full of pathos. What would your preference be?

  5. Strangely enough it's not something I've ever considered!(But I'll think about it...)

    What about you, Matt - what's your choice?

    Col, I suspect you're waiting for that doorbell to ring...? ;)

  6. Crushed to death under all the praise and adulation for my books would do. ;)