Monday, 27 April 2009

THE LATE SHOW by Mike Whitney

A little flash fiction from Mike to keep the chiller humming....

The Late Show

Dimly, through sleep, Catherine heard sounds from the living room. Heavy footsteps thudded in the hall as adrenalin rushed through her, "I have a gun!" she shouted, "The police are coming!"

The door burst open; screaming, she emptied her ex's .38 into the blur of hair, teeth and leathery wings that rushed her.

As the creature ripped at her neck, Catherine sat straight up in bed, moaning. At the foot of the bed, the snowy television screen buzzed, casting a glow on her half empty pizza box. Sobbing, she turned off the set, and buried her face in the pillow, the gun beside her on the bedside table.

© 2003 mikewhitney


  1. That's what you get from eating cheese before bedtime.

  2. Good imagery especially with the site adding the picture. I ran all around the room with

  3. oops! Mike, the last comment was me.

    Jeanette Cheezum

  4. Ooh, short, sharp and clever, Mike. Nice one.