Thursday, 23 April 2009

HOMEGROWN TOMATOES - by Michael J. Solender

Yet another debutant - the second from 'across the water'...


There simply was no other place for him to put the tomatoes.

He absolutely had to have homegrown tomatoes this summer. Heirlooms, Better Boys, Early Girls and his beloved Teardrop Cherry Hybrids. Homegrown it would be.

Caprese salads. Tomato risotto. BLTs. No, store-bought would just never do.

He broke out the spade and had a box by his side for garden debris.

“Honey you just can’t dig there,” his wife pleaded, “you positively can’t.”

“Sweetie,” he offered a compromise, “I’ll move your folks back in the fall, I promise.”

Michael J. Solender is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, NC. He writes a weekly Neighborhoods column for the Charlotte Observer and NEVER runs with scissors. His fiction has appeared online at 6S, Powder Burn Flash and Flashshots (soon). He blogs here:


  1. Welcome, Michael.

    I nearly fell off my chair!!!

  2. Short and sweet. Excellent.

  3. Damn fine and very droll Michael!Nice to see you over here!

  4. Michael,
    Love this, taking your love of tomatoes to another level. Hey, did you ever see Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? An actual movie, had sequels and all, and a theme song...

  5. Loved this. very droll and also somewhat creepy. Well done.

  6. Loved this! Hope there are more to come...?

  7. Wow what a grave situation cultivation can be.

  8. Those tomatoes are going to be tasty and juicy growing in all that fertilised earth. But where are the bodies going to be put until Fall? Great stuff, Michael.