Thursday, 30 April 2009



Nobody knows them. Nobody can even hear them and they certainly can't even begin to fathom them, they are my secrets...

The man in the chair with his yellow pad and well-stroked beard. He's spying me with eyes which he is attempting to use as keys to unlock the security on my brain.

Pandora's box brought only woes, my secrets if known would end the world and I have seven Reflections with which to keep them safe...

I've already used up three of the Reflections. The remaining four need to count. This walking talking beard and his pilfering wants will have to be halted with Reflection number four.

He thinks I'm just up for a stroll. A nosy over to the window to steal stuff from the sky with my eyes, just like he does.

I don't, I divert myself over towards his braggart wall.

All of his borrowed knowledge imprisoned behind glass. Diploma in Secret Theft, B.A in Thought Pilfering and a PhD in Applied Robbery of the Mind. Their surfaces perfect for Reflection number four's birth.

The reflection reaches out, my hands mimicking the Reflection and trade an empty grip for a choking full one.

Three more Reflections and the world ends.


  1. A chilling piece. I love the lyricism and the imagery.

  2. Sorry folks, a couple of typos sneaked in - sorted now. Hope it didn't spoil anyone's pleasure in the reading. The typos were mine, by the way, not Lee's.

  3. Lee didn't catch your full name. If you want it credited just stick your name in the comments and I'll sort it. If you're happy with your web name, it's fine.

  4. Cryptic stuff this Lee. Nice to see another Talkbacker on here.

    Matt, If Lee reads my last story he may just stick to his pen name!

  5. A real chiller there Lee, exquisitely written - a fantastic piece of flash fiction.

  6. Very mysterious and cryptic. Love it.