Monday, 26 April 2010

INTERLUDE - We're taking a short break

It is with great pride that I say that in the past year or so Thrillers, Killers ‘N’ Chillers has grown from a small acorn into a huge oak tree. There have been more than 300 brand new stories posted from some of the best up and coming – as well as established - authors in the crime, noir, horror and thriller genres.

I set out with TKnC to offer a platform for authors of genre fiction, and my small idea has out-grown anything I could have imagined. TKnC is now on a lot of people’s must-read list and has led some of our submitting authors onto bigger and better things. However, as with some cute babies, they often grow into uncontrollable beasts.

I’m a full-time author with deadlines and a full publicity schedule (lucky me), but it also means that the spare time I can commit to TKnC has lessened drastically. Basically, the numbers of submissions are taking both Col Bury and I away from our day jobs, and due to the necessity for us to concentrate on our own respective lives/careers we have taken the decision to take a short break.

In brief:


Some of you may be saddened by the news, but don’t fret. TKnC will be back, bigger and better in a very short time, and we will again send out a call for submissions. We are looking at revamping the site, and making it more user-friendly. Stories already held in the queue will also be added, so please do keep looking back.

Don’t forget, in the archives are over 300 excellent stories. You can easily find your preferred genre, or author, by simply adding a key word or name to the search bar at the top left corner. There are many gems that you might have missed, or that deserve a second or third reading.

In the meantime, thank you from both Col and I, your support has been fantastic and very much appreciated, and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading everything sent through to us.

And don’t forget....we’ll be back again very soon.

Matt and Col



  1. I did wonder, Matt, how you (and Col) managed to give so much time to this little project. I was a wee bit concerned that we were taking you away from your main focus (and our delight!) of creating more Joe Hunter adventures.

    Thankyou so much, both of you, for providing this 'showcase' of literary talent and I trust you'll be able to continue with your current writing projects unimpeded (sp?).

    I hope you'll still be able to keep in contact with your faithful band of followers from time to time. But for now, best wishes - and adieu!

  2. Thanks for providing a great venue and doing a yeoman's job keeping up with it all. You make a great point about the archives, great stuff there...

  3. I think Sue has said everything i was going to. TKnC is an excellent site, and i'm proud to have had my stories accepted for publication here. Thanks to you and Col for everything you've done, and i look forward to seeing the site surpassing its former glory when you guys get the time again...

  4. Thanks folks, this isn't goodbye, just a short break, and I'll still be on and off here, and at all the other places I usually visit.

    Also, there's still some things in the pipeline to tide us over - it's just any new submissions I'm closing down on for a few weeks to let both Col and I get on with getting on (a new catch phrase for ya).

  5. I think it's a brave decision Matt. I've been involved in stuff in the past that ended up eating so deeply into my life I gave it completely. To step back for a while is a hard but laudable decision.

    Thanks for being my springboard, launching pad etc. If it hadn't have been for you and Col I'd never have had the courage or the confidence.

    TKnC has been and will hopefully again be a place of marvels in the near future.


    Lily Childs

  6. Thanks Lily, I'm pretty certain it will be!! In the meantime, keep that confidence bubbling and go for it.

    That goes for all the authors on all deserve huge success.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

    Both Matt n I believe this is the right thing to do at this particular time.

    We'll still be around n will definitely be back, so no worries there.

    It's been an absolute blast n will be again soon enough.

    Regards & good luck with all your writing.

  8. Go in peace, boys, not in pieces (makes sign of the cross to keep the vampires and demons at bay)
    And thank you for many hours of reading!

  9. Matt & Col, You guys deserve the break. I met with the both of you earlier in the year and obviously with Matt and S&B and everything that comes with being published, but also Col has his day job and his writing project, you both need time out. Thanks for everything you have done for me since August last year. My writing and confidence in my writing have gone from strength to strength and I will certainly be knocking on the door when you sre ready to open up again. Good luck to you both, you more than deserve it!

    Regards, David.

  10. All I can do is to repeat the above, verbatim, and add my own immense gratitude for allowing my stuff on your site.

    You guys deserve every bit of success the site has earned, it really is THE must read of the fiction blogs.

    Enjoy your break. Like David, I'll be earmarking the occasional new piece "for first refusal by TKn'C" !!

    Best of luck on your respective projects.



  11. Hate to see one of my fave sites take time off, but also know how it goes.

    Matt- congrats on your continued success and I'm thrilled that your so busy with your writing career (not a bad catch-22).

    Col- hope to get you back in some way, shape or form soon- we love ya man!

  12. Thanks to all our supporters, and for the continued good wishes.

    Remember though, we ain't dead, just resting. We'll be back shortly. the meantime I'll still be putting up some stories held in back-log, plus, there's a couple series on-going that will be popping up along the way.

  13. I stand firmly with the crowd above, you have to do what you have to do. Look forward to your return.

  14. TK'n'C was one of my first online publications. I definitely look forward to your return, and I do understand the need to break, refocus, and sort. Good luck on the new site - and the novels!