Sunday, 9 May 2010

Not Long Now....

We are still on a short break and not accepting submissions at this time, but rest assured TKnC will be back very shortly, with a few new surprises along the way.

Thanks for sticking around and still visiting the pages while we're on a short hiatus, and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the back catalogue of stories that are on the site.

OK, I've been playing around with the format of the site, with a new header and font colours. What do you think. Yeah or nay will do in the comments.

Thanks and see you all soon

Matt co-editor


  1. A definite yay, especially the header.

  2. Cheers. That's a positive start.

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  4. Yay all the way up to now Matt & Col. Very intrigued about the "few surprises". Looking forward to the grand re-opening. I hope there'll be wine and nibbles. ;-)

  5. Hopefully they'll be good surprises!

  6. I'm with David, looking forward to the surprises... Love the new banner at the top.

  7. Yup - I think it's a keeper - really like the new banner!

    Don't keep us waiting too much longer. And I'm wondering about the surprises, too. :-o

  8. A surprise isn't a surprise if I give too many hints ;-)

  9. Yea. Looking forward to whatcha got up your sleeve.

  10. Love the new layout. I, too, cannot wait for you guys to return! Yay :)

  11. Thanks Naomi and Liza. it's great to have such wonderful support.

    Taking this short breather was necesssary to re-jig both the site and our work loads etc, and it's been a good thing for us. I heard that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' (or is that 'Absinth makes the head grow foggier'...I can never remember)and it's nice to see that everyone is still so firmly behind TKnC.

  12. Oooh I love this very much. Love love LOVE the header. Very dark. Looking good Matt!

    Pixie x

  13. Oh yay. Loving the new header and 'suite of colours' Matt.

    Got some sizzling on the bunny boiler ready for ya!

  14. I say YUP.

    Coupla crafty lit'l buggas, eh?

  15. CHeers Lily,
    I look forward to seeing what's cooking.

    And cheers Glenn,
    'Crafty' is my middle name - amongst many others.

  16. Absinthe make the heart grow fonder, eh? (Of course, too much can be fatal - Toulouse-Lautrec being a case in point, though I did read somewhere that his demise was down to them mixing Absinthe with anthrax or something along those li nes!)

    The new header is very nice. Stylish.

    I await future surprises with surprise!

    And hope Matt and Col (and everyone else) are getting on with their assorted deadlines. Douglas Adams may have loved the wooshing sound of deadlines as they go past, but he was a bad influence! (Which reminds me, I have 48 hours to think up, write and submit an article to another editor! EEK! Clearly I speak with the full voice of hypocrisy!)

    Best wishes all

    PS - Hopefully this actually posts this time around! (I know, all the suspense for waffle...)

  17. Yeah, it made it this time Michael. Thanks for persevering.