Friday, 9 April 2010

A DATE by Pixie J. King

Pixie's back...

A Date

He was sitting outside Tony’s tea and coffee shop watching the people and the traffic hurry by as he sipped on his coffee. It was cold. He pushed it away in disgust and glanced at his watch.

She was late.

He sighed, figured she wouldn’t come. After all, internet dating sites rarely worked, not in his experience anyway. He took off his black round spectacles and took out his hankie and cleaned the glass. He slipped them back on his chubby face and saw her sitting opposite him.

She arrived out of thin air, it seemed, bringing a cold presence with her.

He smiled. ‘I didn’t think you were coming Sheila.’

‘Sorry Charlie, the bus was late,’ she whispered. ‘I hope I didn’t worry you at all.’

He shook his head. ‘Not at all.’ He placed his hands on hers. Her hands were cold. ‘Can I get you anything?’

She withdrew her hands, looked away. ‘No Charlie, I’m fine. Thank you.’

He nodded, couldn’t help but stare at her; he was mesmerised by her snow white skin, her plump red lips and her long flaxen hair. She looked like an angel dropped from heaven. ‘I lov--’

She put her finger to his lips; her eyes were watery. ‘Charlie, stop.’ She sighed. ‘I can’t be with you. It will never work. That’s what I came here to tell you. I couldn’t tell you over the internet. I’m sorry for misleading you.’

He stared at her, nodded slowly. He felt his throat tighten, his heart sink. He stood slowly, shaking. ‘It’s okay. I knew it deep down.’ He swallowed deeply. ‘So I guess this is it then. Goodbye Sheila.’

He walked away from the coffee shop. He stepped into the road, his thoughts sloshing in his head, his heart broken, unaware of a speeding car hurtling towards him.

‘Look out!’ someone cried.

Charlie froze, heard the roar of an engine. He couldn’t move; the fear exerted from every cell in his body and kept him frozen to the floor.

‘Charlie, move!’ Sheila screamed.

Charlie slowly turned, saw Sheila’s panicked expression. He couldn’t move, immobilised by fear.

Sheila darted from the shop and pushed Charlie from the car’s path. He stumbled; crashed against the curb of the pavement.

Sheila turned back, faced the oncoming car. It was metres away now. She closed her eyes, and took the sheer force from the car as it crashed into her.

Charlie groaned, touching his head. Blood laced his fingers. He looked at the pavement where he had fallen, then the curb.

More blood.

He looked back, the car carried on speeding down the road. Sheila was nowhere to be seen. ‘Sheila?’

Passersby gave Charlie weird looks as he scrambled to his feet, clutching his bleeding head. He could have sworn Sheila pushed him out of the way.

He scanned the whole street, but she was gone.

She’d disappeared into thin air.

Pixie is a student who is new to the writing world, and writes when she can, where she can. Her work is mainly flash fiction and poems with the occasional short story. She is now however embarking on the mammoth task of writing a novel, and is finding it very daunting.
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  1. Ooo - nice ending...
    Your writing just gets better and better, Pixette. Keep at it!

  2. Another nice piece of writing Pixie. Well done, and as Col says your writing improves with each piece.

  3. clever twist to this one, Pixie, loved it! Cold sharp writing as usual. Go write some more, please, and soon!

  4. I gasped twice! Lovely, sad story. Very well written Pixie.

  5. I wondered how you'd end this, Pixie. I half-hoped Charlie would be killed then he and Sheila COULD be together!

    Nice twist - a neat piece of flash fiction. More please!