Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Competition Up-Date - IMPORTANT CHANGE

Many of you will have alreay read that I am running a competition to win a signed first edition hardback of Joe Hunter 3 - SLASH and BURN - and the rules can be found by clicking here

Well, after much thought and deliberation, I decided that you all should have the opportunity to read the wonderful stories being sent in, with the opportunity to read them all and to comment and vote on your favourite.

I thought that this would be a fairer and more translucent process than me picking my favourites (it also dispells any claims of favouritism on my part!!)

So here's how it's going to go now:

I have set up a new blog called 'JOE HUNTER'S FIXERS' and you can find it here:


I will post each story anonymously, so the stories themselve rest on their merits and not on the name of the author. Please do read and leave comments, but if you are the author please don't make it known by replying to them - yet -you can do that once the competition has ended if you wish.

On the closing date for entries, I will open voting by way of a poll.

The top three (voted for by you and me) will then be posted here at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers and over at my personal blog at Matt Hilton Thrills and voting will be re-opened to find everyone's favourite. I will collate the votes from both sites and then announce the winner on 1st April and arrange for the book to be sent to the winner.

Remember, this is just a bit of fun. Copyright remains the property of the individual author and your story is yours to do with as you wish following the closing date. I will of course credit each story with the authors name afterwards. Happy writing - and good luck.

I hope you all agree that this is a clearer and fairer way of judging, and now invite you all to go over to JOE HUNTER'S FIXERS to read the first entries already posted there.



  1. I like that, no one will be able to call shenanigans with the changes you've made.

  2. Yeah, my point exactly. I want this to be a bit of fun for all involved. This was the fairest way i could think of.

  3. Very fair Matt, and enjoyable on all sides too.

  4. Yep, good call Matt. All's fair in vigilantiism.(Is that a word, cos it doesn't look right or have I just spelt it wrong).

  5. No, you're right (but have I just cancelled my own words out with a contradiction?)

  6. I think there's only one I before the S, but otherwise it's a perfectly acceptable word... In fact i think it'd make a great title for a collection of short stories.

    Vigilantism and you, a pocket guide...

  7. Yes, you're right Paul.

    And the anthology, I can see the marketing slogan now.

    "Vigilantism and you, a pocket guide...fits nicely alongside your lead sap." Buy one, get a balaclava free!

    Warning: Shoplifting is a crime. We don't prosecute all offenders, we just take them down a back alley and kick the living crap outa them.

    OK, I know. I'm getting silly now.

  8. It may sound silly, but if shoplifters got a bloody good hiding instead of a fixed penalty notice, a caution or a DTTO, maybe they wouldn't re-offend...

    Maybe me leaving the police was a good thing...