Thursday, 11 February 2010

WHAT TED SAW by Pixie J. King

Pixie's back with a unique little tale...

What Ted Saw

Big, friendly eyes watched from the bottom of the bed. They watched her with fear and morbid curiosity.

Brown fluffy ears heard the tearful sobs and whimpers – the sound he heard every day.

He was picked up tenderly by the paw, the child seeking him; a symbol of comfort and hope. Yet he cannot save the child.

He wondered why the alphabet blocks spell out the words ‘hurt’ and ‘pain’. He wondered why she cried herself to sleep every night. He questioned why there is a shiny object from the kitchen on the bed. He wanted to know why she is using it to cut her wrists.

He was scared she is going to die.

He saw warm blood trickle from her wrists; he felt the damp patch where she wept. He has had the thing explained to him, but he doesn’t understand.

He cannot cry out for help. His mouth is sown up.

He has to watch her die; all the while he is wondering why.

He feels so helpless. He is dying inside. Like a chilling darkness after the lights have gone out.

He is only the child’s teddy bear. He cannot help.

Just comfort her.

Pixie is a student who is new to the writing world, and writes when she can, where she can. Her work is mainly flash fiction and poems with the occasional short story. She is now however embarking on the mammoth task of writing a novel, and is finding it very daunting.
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  1. Very dark, makes me incredibly sad. I'm not sure who i feel more sorry for, the poor girl for hurting so much or the bear for being so helpless.

  2. Pixie, I don't know how old you actually are but I'm thinking you write beyond your years. That was harrowing and so sad at the same time. Top piece Pixie.

  3. This is beautifully tragic, and such an unusual idea.

    A lovely piece of writing Pixie.

  4. I'm not a big fan of 'self-harming' stories as a rule, but this one was very well told and from the unusual angle of using the teddy bear as witness. made me squirm when I wondered what else Ted had seen in that room that led the girl to such depression.

    Again you write with a voice that exceeds your age, Pixie. Excellent work.