Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Bullet Awards... TKnC debutant bags 2nd place for July...

If you weren't aware, Geoff Eighinger resurrected The Bullet Awards in June, whereby the judges read all the crime fiction under 1,000 words across the net. There used to be a buzz around the blogosphere when Geoff announced each month's winners, and Geoff knows his stuff so it's great to see him back acknowledging writers for their efforts.

Well done to all who got a mention for July, in particular, TKnC debutant, Margaret D. Whittle for bagging 2nd place with her short crime thriller, "A Felicitous End".

Check out and follow The Bullet Awards here.

Crime Dude, Col


  1. That's a very cool story that I had actually missed. Congrats on the award, Margaret. A lot of competition out there!

  2. Congratulations Margaret. Well earned.

  3. Many congratulations Margaret!

  4. Congrats to Margaret, and TKnC. Thanks for the heads up on the Geoff's site, followig it now.

  5. Congrats Margaret and TKnC. Onward!