Tuesday, 12 July 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT... Please give a warm TKnC welcome to our new 'GUEST EDITOR'...


Matt, Lee 'n' I (Col) have been particularly busy recently, with writing and life.  So, to improve the site's efficiency, who better to assist than the inimitable writer of dark fiction, Lily Childs?  We're truly thrilled she accepted our offer. 

In case you've been locked in a cupboard under the stairs (hey, there's a good plotline!), allow me to tell you a little about 'Our Lil'...

I first 'met' Lily on a writers' forum - where I also met Lee - a few years ago, and have found her to be a genuine and loyal friend, as well as a damn fine writer. Lily's been very supportive of TKnC, and we had the pleasure of publishing her first short story here. Now, if you missed it, be warned... take a very deep breath and pour a stiff drink... it's an absolute cracker... FASHION VICTIM

Lily brings excellent credentials, having written broadly and judged many writing comps', including her popular Lily's Friday Prediction.  Her short story Carpaccio (also published here) was nominated for a Spinetingler Award this year!

For more info, check out Lily Childs Feardom, or Lily's editor page (coming soon on the tabs above).

So, a warm welcome on board, Lil, from your fellow editors. 

I'm sure our readers and friends will do the same.

Crime Dude, Col 

Ps. Oh, 'n' we'll need a nickname for you... was thinking along the lines of 'Dark Dudette'... or 'Dark Dudess'...? Suggestions welcome...


  1. Can't wait to get my teeth dirty. Thank you so much for the invitation. It's going to be a pleasure.


  2. How exciting Lily. Can't wait to see the darkness you bring here. Good luck, Tony

  3. Ooo! I love dirty teeth, especially when accompanied with breath tainted with a whiff of rotting flesh!

    TKnC just gets better. Congrats on the appointment Lil!

  4. Congratulations, great to see you here.

  5. I truly can't imagine a better pick.

  6. Thanks all - looking forward to it.

  7. Yes, I think that is the perfect choice, gentlemen. Well come, ChildLily, Well come indeed. Now sharpen your fangs, get your talons unsheathed and ... au boulot!

  8. Congratulations Lily, and of course to the other three editors for making such a clever decision.