Sunday, 31 July 2011

ALONE I WAIT by Angela Sargenti

Angela's back with another short, sharp shocker.

Alone I Wait

He’s still out there.

I know he is.

I don’t care how long it takes him to get back, I’ll be here waiting.

They tell me to give it up.

They say he’s gone for good and he’s never coming back, but I’ll bet he’s swimming toward me even as we speak.

Give up, they insist, but here’s the thing.

They found the rest of their bodies, the other fishermen, but they never found his.


I should start the soup now.

He’ll be cold when he gets here.

Bio: Ms. Sargenti is the author of the zombie blog After Old Joe at and writeserotica under her own and her pen name, AR Shannon. Her most recent story, entitled "Chris Takes The Mound" was recently published on


  1. Chilling, Angela. Good flash fiction can pack a serious punch, and you've really achieved that with Alone I Wait. It made my skin crawl - and I like that.

  2. Ooo nice! Well...
    Punchy flash, Angela.

  3. Gave me goosebumps.

    Excellent little story that is!

  4. Chilling, had the atmosphere of John Carpenter's The Fog.

    I like stories that remain with you because of their suspenseful endings. Flash can be such an effective medium for this technique. Great read, thanks.