Tuesday 21 December 2010


Under the Boardwalk

I like drowned things. I like pale and wet and limp. Bloated. Things that cut easily with a razor. Things found on the beach, gray-green and distorted so that you can’t tell what they once were.
I brought Marti down to show her. She’s this chick from work. I think she likes me. She’s got purple-pink hair and a tattoo on her neck that goes under her collar. She just smiles whenever I ask her what it is. I think she wants me to find out. I think it’s a spiderweb.
She’s wearing these killer boots with spike heels, and she laughs when she sinks in the sand. And then we go under the boardwalk, and I show her, and she stops laughing.
“Happy Halloween,” I say, and cut her off a piece. She bends over and pukes. I start to cry, and she wants to leave, but those boots are stupid for walking on the beach and I stop her, pull her back under the boardwalk. Put the candy in her mouth. She spits it out and screams and I’ve got to stuff more in there, more, and more, until she stops.
I don’t know what it was once, but there’s a lot of it. I think it’s maybe Christie. That’s my secret wish. It’s got red hair like Christie had. She worked with me at my old job. She didn't have any tattoos. Just red hair, bunches of it, all curly. It smelled nice. Like coconut. I kept a little bit of it, but it doesn't smell like anything anymore.
It’s hard to cut things that are still warm. Her skin won’t slide off. In the end, I drag her down to the water and shove her in, and I go back to sit with Christie in the sand. We’ll wait. Marti’ll be back. She’ll be back, and more beautiful than before. I put the piece with the spiderweb – it was a spiderweb, after all – on Christie’s neck, and I wait.

R.S. lives and writes in a suburb outside of Detroit. You can find her at http://rsbohn.blogspot.com.


  1. I got shivers and a sick feeling reading this. Your descriptives are amazing and guaranteed to make my skin crawl. Just like a good horror story is supposed to do.

  2. oh yes, classic horror here, SO well done!

  3. Quiet, horrifying insanity -- that´s the best kind! I love the first paragraph, in a strange way it´s almost touching or endearing like it´s a child saying it. And the spiderweb tattoo, ah, great! "That´s my secret wish" creeps me out -- that´s some deep shit insanity! Fab writing, this.

  4. Bloody good writing, that. Well done!

  5. Nice job on the 1st POV, as well as the story. Kind of a twisted version of River's Edge.

  6. Good stuff. Sharp, twisted and some great descriptions.

  7. Thank you so much, and Happy Holidays to everyone. :-)

    Sean, I loved that movie! I guess it must've seeped into my subconcious all those years ago.

  8. It makes it even more horrifying when the protagonist seems to think that he is "normal", and that there is nothing at all twisted about what he is doing. Ah, yes, just showing my crush from work the rotted corpse of my OLD crush from work.... Yeah, who doesn't do THAT?

  9. That was great, Rebecca. Sick and twisted with great imagery. Excellent!!

  10. David stole my words! Twisted and sick, and beautifully written in your inimitable way with delicious opening lines. Loved it :)

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