Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Something a little different...

The Blood Makes Me Whole

Did not ask come.  Did not want come.  Do not like here.  Do not like people.  Do not like planet.  Air heavy -- make sick.  Ship damaged. Cannot go home.  No ship come for me.  Need own food.  Food here make sick.  Do not like language.  Words hurt.  Need something stop words come me.
            Universe endless.  Home many times away, many, many times away.  Home pretty colour, pretty sound, no words.
            Two legs found me.  Two legs frightened me.  Two legs say I very big, I scare, I frighten, but two legs not run.  Look with orbs in head speak with slit in head.  Sound comes from slit hurt.  Two legs not know I scared of two legs.  I want stop two legs speaking. I afraid what I do so do nothing.
            I take from head of two legs words to say what I do, why I here, I do not know all words, I do not know who two legs is.  More come look at me with orbs in head and speak to selves point speak I not speak back.  Not know how speak back.  Not possible.
            Stand.  All two legs run and stop.  All two legs look me shake like ship when it damage.
            More two legs.  Come with strange feeling, feeling hurt.  Two legs not afraid me.  Two legs go in ship and stay long time.  I do not like two legs in ship.  I go in ship.  I see two legs look at my ship.  I know they not know what is.  I know they not mend ship.  I know I not leave planet.  I hate planet.  I take feeling from two legs and know feeling right.
            I hate.
            I take one two legs and drink lifeblood from it.
            I feel good.
            I take more lifeblood.
            I feel good.
            I grow.
            I leave ship and all two legs make loud noises run from me.
            I think -- new for me -- they try kill me.
I take from their heads. They not understand.
            I am now whole.
            I feel sorry for two legs; they not know they cannot kill me.
            I can kill them.
I understand.
I can stay here now.
I can feed.
            The blood makes me whole.


Dorothy Davies,
author of: 'Death Be Pardoner To Me', the life of George, duke of Clarence.
(BH Publishing)


  1. That was amazingly well done. I was gripped until the end. Bravo! (also very scared)

  2. Missed this (Christmas 'n' all, sorry).

    Bloody brill, Dorothy. Never read anything quite like that! Tremendous work.


  3. Do not keep writing. You belong to the failures, really, so go away now.