Friday, 30 October 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - by David Barber

The chillers are coming thick n fast - it must be Halloween - so from the editors (& Dave) we bid you a...

Happy Halloween

In the hallway the old grandfather clock chimed, one, two…..ten, eleven.

“Oh, there’s only one more hour ‘til the ‘witching hour’. Wooooo…”

“Oh, Geoffrey, stop it. You’re going to scare them,” giggled Veronica, wiping over the kitchen table.

“Veronica, darling, how am I going to scare them?”

Howard and Susan Johnson sat at the kitchen table, their faces ashen, their throats slit, staring blindly at the ceiling.

“It quite clearly says on the front door, sweetness, no door to door.”

Manchester born and bred, but now living in Crieff, Scotland with wife, Lisa, and our two daughters, Imogen & Melissa. Recently inspired to write again by an old and good friend (Col Bury) and the beauty that surrounds me up here. Always reading - when not entertaining my girls and working - crime and horror…and now writing. David blogs


  1. Happy Halloween - NOT!
    Great stuff, Dave.

  2. Cheers Col. Pictures made that yourself. Happy Halloween.

  3. Nice work Dave. Can see the grump sitting down with their trick or treat bags and enjoying the sweets.

  4. Thanks Lee, thought I'd try and get something up for Halloween. Happy Halloween!

  5. Very wicked. Wicked good that is.

  6. Alan, MRMacrum, as usual thanks for looking. Your comments are much appreciated.
    Regards, David.