Thursday 8 October 2009

ELECTRIC - by Christopher Grant

A welcome return from a top crime flasher...


Her body is electric against mine. A simple touch of her smooth hip and I feel like a jolt is running through me. It's enough to make me want to touch her again. She whispers something I can't hear. I lean into her and she says it again.

"I'm going to kill you."

I'm sure that's exactly what she's saying.

She's quicker than I expected. Her fist holds a taser. She puts the instrument to my throat and the alley goes blue for half a heartbeat. Then I'm choking, ten thousand volts running through my windpipe, closing it off, making breathing impossible.

She kicks me in the groin and I tumble to the cobblestones, trying to stop the pain, trying to find the air.

The last sound I hear before the darkness swallows me is the echo of her stiletto heels carrying her away from me and out of the alleyway.

Christopher Grant is the editor and publisher of A Twist Of Noir. His crime fiction can be found here at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers, as well as Powder Burn Flash, Not From Here Are You? and The Flash Fiction Offensive.


  1. Chris,
    Love this. Got the old cogs turning. First I'm thinking she's just another of your bitches. Then I realise he could've been a rapist. Looks like it was both!
    Nice one, bud.

  2. Hot femme fatales with cold hearts - always a winner.

  3. The imagination can run wild with this one--as it should! Great stuff.

  4. Col, makes you really think, doesn't it? And to think I was going to add one word and that would have changed the story completely. I won't say what the word was or where it was going to be placed but, like I said, it would have changed everything.

    Michael, especially that guy's throat.

    Paul, thanks a bunch. I wondered if I could have gone further (is it further or farther?) with it but I'm glad I held back, especially with that one word I mentioned above.

    Erin, hot femme fatales with cold hearts seems to be a running theme in my fiction. Glad you liked this one, too.

    Joyce, bookending you with Col here, yes, the imagination does run wild.

    As Col points out, this could have been one of my femme fatales or a woman that has been stalked and now cornered by the SOB that's stalking her. It could have been a rapist. Could have been a boyfriend that she wanted out of the way. Could have been a friend that went too far. Could have been, could have been, could have been.

    I'm glad everyone enjoyed it and thought about it, interpreting it whichever way you saw it. That's all I can ask of my audience. And my audience, as always, is outstanding.

    Thank you.

  5. Short and sharp, like an electric shock. Great stuff Mr G.

  6. Love it! It does make me wonder -- who was the hero and who was the victim? Was she just defending herself, or having a bit of fun? Very interesting!

  7. Great piece, very well written. Gets you thinking. Really well done Chris.
    Regards, David.