Tuesday, 31 May 2011

TKnC revamped with new features... whadderyereckon?

Hi Folks,

As you can see, I've given the site an overdue makeover, but we've not finished there! Discussions are ongoing among the editors...

There's now a new feature, so I'm throwing out the gauntlet... Can you make our 'top ten popular posts' (see sidebar), and join the likes of Richard Godwin, Sean Patrick Reardon, RS Bohn, Chad Eagleton, Michael J Solender, Nick Quantrill and Jodi MacArthur? Hell, the inimitable Mr Godwin's got three beauts in there!

However, it's not all about the big hitters. If you see a story from a 'newbie', and have a spare few minutes, then give them some words of encouragement to spur them on.

I know subs' are closed until July 1st. That gives us enough time to clear the pipeline, where some crackers await.  Plus, you can hone your stories for 'top ten kudos'! 

I'm no 'techie', so all feedback on our new look is welcome... and, because we're listening, any other suggestions or ideas will be considered. After all, it's YOUR site.   

Thanks for your continued support.
Crime Editor, Col


  1. I think it's cracking. Gives it a lovely noir feel.

  2. The new makeover looks fab, like all the new bling!

  3. Col,

    Looks great, love the new changes. And I'm really glad you kept the eye and the splash of blood, wouldn't be the same without it.

  4. Paul,
    That's the feel I wanted, so thanks, mate.

    Congrats on making the TOP TEN! Cheers, bud.

    That banner is Matt's good work, but need to speak to him about trying to widen it. Glad you like it, buddy.

    Ps. Blogger's being an arse, so signed in with Wordpress.

  5. Great look, Col! Like the top ten idea too.