Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Try these out

Jim Hilton, a regular here at TK'n'C has added three new stories over at his own website at all about ex-Green Jacket tough guy Danny 'McMurder'. They're great fun - why not check them out after you've read the latest offerings here.


  1. Hi Jim,
    Just read the 'McMurder' story about your likeable tough guy. Enjoyed it - good build up & nice comeuppance - but couldn't find anywhere to comment.

  2. Just thought I'd answer on Jim's behalf. McMurder is a great story - fun and violent. Drop Off and West Walls Waltz are equally enjoyable, and further introduce Danny McMurdo. I have it on good authority that Jim is working on a McMurder novel, with Danny - a modern more violent McGyver - doing his stuff on the Costa Del Crime. Can't wait to read it.