Thursday, 19 March 2009

A mention at The Rap Sheet for Col Bury

Some of you may have seen this before, but over at the Rap Sheet an interview I did with Col Bury has been given a mention and link. If you missed Col's interview first time round, here's your chance to take a look at it now. Col (not Cory as mentioned in the link) is an aspiring crime novelist and co-edits Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers. Some of Col's short stories -as well as others by some equally inventive writers - can be read here at TK'N'C.


  1. Hey, Matt. Now that's a nice surprise! The word is spreading - which one I don't know!

  2. It's all a knock on effect. People beging to recognise names the more they're put out there.