Saturday 15 October 2011

SNUFF MOVIE by Richard Godwin

TKnC welcomes back crime/horror regular, Richard.

SNUFF MOVIE by Richard Godwin.

Frank was half way through a six pack of Becks one Saturday night surfing porn sites when he came across his wife Linda on one of them. He shouted ‘Hey Mamma give it some’ before his head shot towards the screen. The tattoo on the actress’s neck was all too familiar.

As Linda raised her cum drenched face and stared at the camera, Frank put his beer down with a thud and said ‘Fucking whore’. He watched the Becks sizzle and spurt up over the neck of the bottle and felt reality fade.

That evening he became mesmerised by the image of his wife sucking two cocks at the same time and getting fucked in every position imaginable.

Frank was a smart ass who had renamed himself after he got sick of being ridiculed at school. Clarence Faggot was never going to work and so he donned the name Frank Blackjack and stuck to it. When he got fired from the canning factory he set up a blog which he prided himself on for its honesty, when in fact he made cheap tawdry jokes about others and censored any attempt to challenge him. He decided he was a nihilist when in fact he didn’t even understand the term. He was about to get a lesson in its real meaning at the hands of a rampantly priapic Eros. While he thought he was smart Linda thought he was an asshole and humiliated him by appearing in over a hundred porn films while he bragged about his marriage.

That evening as he sat there staring at her betrayal he got up and looked at himself in the mirror.

He was overweight, greasy, and he knew most women would never look twice at him.

And so he planned his revenge.

Linda was chopping carrots when he came through for supper.

He watched her and thought she must have had more pricks in her than a dart board and sat down heavily to eat, filling his fat face with stew and vegetables.

‘Hey how about a fuck?’, he said to her as he let rip a rancid burp.

‘Frank you know I don’t like that talk’, Linda said, standing up and smoothing out the creases in her dress. ‘Besides I got church tomorrow.’

‘So?’, Frank said, and watched her retreat into the kitchen where the loud clatter of crockery told him the evening was at an end.

He went back to his office and sat watching his wife get fucked by an assortment of guys younger and better looking than him. He felt so angry he couldn’t sleep. She’d even got into bondage and seemed to have no limits to the depravities in which she would engage. Frank watched a masked man fuck her and stick clamps on her nipples and remembered the morning he woke to see blood on her nighty. He thought of the school bullies and his real name and wondered if it held an ineradicable mark that others could see.

The next day he put his plan to effect.

He went into Linda’s emails and found one detailing her rendezvous with Tommy the porn director of her latest starring role as Norma the whore next door. He bought a phone and called her from a bar. Disguising his voice, he said he had a job for her.

‘How did you find me?’, Linda said.

‘Tommy told me about you, said you’re the best.’

He hired a studio and bought a second hand bondage hood from a Neo Nazi. On the appointed day he went out on an errand a few hours before Linda slipped out of the house.

When she arrived at the studio Frank had it all worked out, he would buzz her up and stay in the mixing room and watch her through the one way mirror and get her to strip then he’d fuck her and shoot her with his Glock.

Linda buzzed right on the dot. She heard the intercom and walked into the brightly lit studio.

‘Hello?’, she said.

Frank clicked on the mike.

‘Hi Linda, this is a mild bondage film, I’m paying you double, all cash.’

She stood there chewing gum for a while before saying ‘OK’.

‘Get ready’, he said.

Linda began to strip, removing her top and bra and pulling down her tight red leather skirt, wiggling her hips to ease it over her thighs. She pulled down her panties and lay on the bed, putting her purse near her.

Frank stared at her gaping snatch and donned the bondage hood.

He walked into the room and unzipped his pants. Then he stuck his cock in Linda as he pulled the gun from his trousers.

‘I’m gonna watch you squeal bitch’, he said.

And as he looked at Linda he saw something he couldn’t define, a second ingredient in his recipe of betrayal.

There was laughter in her eyes, the laughter he’s witnessed countless times when she’d won an argument with him.

As he tried to decipher the meaning of her look Linda reached into her purse. Frank thought he heard a bird in the room and he felt his neck go warm. He put a hand to his throat and saw how red it was.

Linda was waving something in the air and as the blade swished he pulled out of her and staggered around his studio with a hard on and a bleeding neck thinking of abattoirs.

Linda got up and said ‘Frank you stupid son of a bitch, you ain’t worked for years, how do you think I been paying the rent?’

He saw the studio fade, thinking of his blog, searching for some dialogue and finding only blackness humming in his ears.

‘Welcome to your snuff movie’, Linda said.

She watched him collapse and went for a pee. Then she got dressed and went to her next job. 

Bio: Richard Godwin is a crime and horror author as well as a produced playwright and poet. His work been widely published in many magazines and anthologies, including recently Pulp Ink and Lyrotica. 

Apostle Rising is his first published novel. Detective Chief Inspector Frank Castle never caught the Woodlands Killer and it almost destroyed him. Now many years later and still suffering from nightmares, he is faced with a copycat killer with detailed inside knowledge of the original case. Someone is crucifying politicians, and Castle and his partner DI Jacki Stone enter a labyrinth. At its centre is the man Castle believes was responsible for the first killings. He’s running a sinister cult and playing mind games with the police. And the ritualistic killer keeps raising the stakes and slipping through their hands. The body count is rising. Castle employs a brilliant psychologist to help him solve the case, and he begins to dig into the killer’s psyche. But some psychopaths are cleverer than others. 

Apostle Rising can be purchased at all major retailers as well as online at Amazon, the Book Depository and direct through the publisher Black Jackal Books

Visit Richard Godwin's website at where you can view a video trailer for Apostle Rising.
He conducts popular and searching interviews with writers at his blog

His next novel is due to be released shortly.


  1. Okay.

    This comment is geared not towards the writer of the story (which I did not read simply because the title completely turned my stomach) but towards the editors of this e-zine.

    I think that you've finally lost a semi-casual reader to this e-zine/blog of yours. You have consistently pushed the envelope on what is acceptable for topic of choice as it pertains to short stories/flash fiction, but this time you finally crossed the line.

    The funny thing is that my last blog post (10/14) lamented the fact that it seems like the writers who churn out this stuff are finding new ways to out-do their fellow writer in depravity, and what do I come across in my updated reader today? A story about snuff films.

    Honestly, it seems that if you actually want to draw more that the typical writer of this stuff to your e-zine/blog, you might want to scale it back a bit. As it is, its this type of stuff that is sure to make the drive-by reader keep driving by.

  2. Brutal and funny - nice work, Richard!

  3. Breaking up is hard to do . . . unless there's a razor involved. Cool.

  4. Oh Richard, you've really done it this time with your naughty stories, you naughty boy. People are getting upset. Nice and brutal this one. Very tasty too. I liked it indeed ;)

  5. Hard, hard-boiled and shocking, Richard. The delivery definitely disturbed me but like the other TKnC editors I saw through the graphic language and totally enjoyed the humour.

    The story evidently didn't please everybody, and I don't think that will be a surprise - but then Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers has never claimed its bunnies to be fluffy. Sadly, like all e-zines we lose casual readers occasionally; we hope they will find enjoyment elsewhere - just as we do when a site no longer interests us for whatever reason.

  6. Graphic and well done, Richard. Well done.

    The power of words, eh? Hmm, I had to agree to the contents of this site before I could read the stories. Maybe some other reader(s) should consider the same!!

  7. G,

    I'd suggest you read the story. Titles can be misleading. For example, in Gone With The Wind, no one breaks wind. In Goodfellas, no one is that good really. Stand By Me, they do a lot of walking, and there's no standing around to be honest. In Lord of the Rings, there's only one ring, why is ring plural?! (These are actual questions I have, if anyone could provide answers, I'd be eternally grateful)

    As it is, this story isn't about glorifying 'snuff' movies. It's just a title. And it's just a story.

    You may perceive a sort of 'pushing the envelope' theme appearing, but I don't think the writers submitting stories to TKnC are really thinking this way. They just write the stories they want to write.

    As it is, Richard Goodwin has created a neat story here. Graphic, gratuitous and shocking. But it's a great read, and isn't that what fiction is about?

    Key word...fiction.

    (And before the 'Well is anything fair game' card is played...there are lines to be drawn. Anything to do with children or similar, is not OK.)

    1. Well, to answer one of the questions, in LOTR there is more than one ring:

      Three rings for Elven kings under the sky;
      Seven for Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone;
      Nine for mortal men, doomed to die;
      One for the dark lord on his dark throne.
      In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
      One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them.
      One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
      In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

      So I believe that makes 20. But of course, only one actually features in the story, the rest are all in the past...

      Good story, by the way. A couple of minor editing mistakes (such as putting punctuation outside the speech marks) but nothing major.

  8. Jools thank you my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Bill I knew you'd understand. Thank you.

  10. Julia I know you to be a woman of taste. Thank you for your comment.

  11. Lily thank you, good editors are able to see a story for what it is, to read the narrative device and separate it from the content. And well said about what this magazine is about.

  12. Spot on David like most people you are paying attention. Thank you for your comment.

  13. Luca I agree there are lines. This is clearly a tongue in cheek take and as you say titles are misleading, thank you for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  14. G ain't you a hot house orchid, may I draw your attention to the title of this magazine and the warning as you enter that it is only suitable for adults, which means those who have reached a certain level of maturity. Writers write about what happens in the world and the fact of the matter is snuff movies exist,I find it interesting how those who are morally offended by certain themes seek them out with the prurience of the self righteous, may I suggest you turn your attention to the well illustrated Onanist's Weekly.

  15. Indeed funny and a satisfying twist of an ending.

  16. Thank you Kristin I'm, glad you enjoyed it.

  17. Thanks Paul I knew you would get it.

  18. We tend to think the point of no return starts when someone hurts us and we are obsessed with slashing back enough to act, but it starts way before that.
    When Linda asks "How did you find me?" That's when I knew it was all over for mr. neo nazi hood man. I think what creeps me out about this story, is knowing he's going to get done in, but also the lazy lengths he goes to get her. Messed up world. Good tale, Richard.

  19. Excellent story Richard. What I found most intriguing was that Linda had seen enough in Frank to not only stay with him, but support him, even though she had obviously lost all respect for him years ago. THAT is the central "why?" to this piece IMO.

    The delivery is brilliant, and the little details such as the beer bottle overflowing, are marks of a craftsman that shine around the edges of the "in your face" subject matter.

    And to the last - I think perhaps "G", like many people, have read TKn'C often enough that the click-through of that little warning has become automatic, and was thus brought up short to find the advisory actually being put to fair use. While this story does push some boundaries - I think it's still far within the bounds of the traditional "dark/noir" fare usually found here, and not in that indescribable "extreme" zone that exists out there.

    Feh - ranting again - great story Richard.

  20. I think the best part about this story was the comments it coughed up (a sign of a good story!). I didn't find it particularly extreme and it was well written As has already been pointed out: don't judge a book (or story) by its cover.
    Keep 'em cumming, Dick.
    BTW Luca there were five rings, but the were all scapping over the best one. (just like all kids)

  21. When am I gonna learn to type? shit!

  22. There was 5?! I missed that in the whole 'One ring to rule them all' bit...

    Do I have to watch the films again...only they're like 10 hours long. I'm not sure I can do that!

  23. Jodi thank you for your comment. You picked up on a key detail which doesn't surprise me since you use them with great economic efficiency in your horror writing.

  24. Hi Chris good to see you here. Thank you for your appreciation, as ever gleefully accepted.

  25. I hit TKnC, clicked yeah yeah I am willing to be shocked to kingdom come by its content, and Oh how sweet! another well-crafted story from the wild imagination of Richard Godwin! Ah but y’all are leaving comments like you’re safe and all but this is a snuff website and lucky you, G was the one that bit it :-D

  26. Just back from a short break.

    It's great to see Richard's dark, humorous fiction has evoked so many comments from readers old and new. Thanks for your support. Long may it continue.


  27. Miss A wise words indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed my story and thank you for your comment.

  28. Hi Col thank you for your comment. It's a lively crowd here.

  29. What a deliciously satisfying tale.

    And G, it's best to read before you rate.

  30. Great short story Richard
    G. Next time you encounter a warning notice take a step back read it again and then choose the family option. You are clearly not adult enough to read grown up stories.

  31. Graham spot on mate.

  32. One of your finest, Richard. Startling and funny and vicious.

    If you want tame material, there are plenty of places to get that -- like every bookstore in the world. That's why TKnC and sites like it are great.

  33. Absorbing Godwin blends sleaze and humor perfectly. great read

  34. Chris thank you mate, I appreciate it. Well said.

  35. Callan thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed it

  36. Just for the record, although you might have thought my comments were flippant, I can assure you I think this was an excellent piece of writing. I think I was responding to the first comment, and the pointlessness of complaining about something one didn't read.

    You treated subject of snuff-movies with great irony, which took the horror out of such gross behavior.

    Nobody normal would condone snuff-movies, rape, murder ect, but there is no sensible reason to not use them as subject matter.

    This is a job well done Chris.

  37. Before I get to G's comments, because, see, TKNC is, as Miss Alister said above, a snuff site, I'll address the story and Richard.

    As I said to Richard, this reminded me, with the names in the story, of a Barry Gifford original.

    This is both a simple and extraordinary story all rolled into one. Sick, twisted and very Godwin.

    As for G and G's comments, the interesting thing is, G, that no one really cares if you or the other, as you put it, drive-by readers keep driving by.

    This isn't the site for you if that's the way you feel. As others have pointed out before me, there's a sign on the door that says, "If you want to look at this, you're gonna have to click this." Unfortunately, there's no one hundred percent way to childproof the lock (with the exception of charging people to read content and that's not about to happen, right, Col and Matt?). But then again, I'm thinking that Matt and Col never thought they'd have to deal with children when they put that sign up.

  38. Carrie Google may keep track of you. Be careful of that search engine.

  39. Christopher thank you for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed the story. You have summarised the exact nature of what this is about, and put the case so succinctly I think we can safely rest our case.

  40. And that damn rent's just gotta be paid, right? Great story with the bloody humor I've come to appreciate in a Godwin tale.

  41. Hmm? Charge to read?.......Nah! Let's keep things (and everyone happy) the way they are.

  42. Funny... shocking... brutal... raw honesty... loved the twist!

    Richard... I would have expected no less from you! Dark, deliciously humorous, a gratifying glimpse into man(kind)'s 'dark side'... a commentary on the 'human stain'?

    Brilliantly written, Richard.

    I am more than a little amused at 'G's' reaction. It brings to mind a review I read a while back on Goodreads. A reader (Meghan) wrote a very negative review of To Kill A Mockingbird... ripped it apart... hated the book... hated anyone who read it. Turns out,she never read the book. Just like 'G'....

    I guess for some people, narrow-mindedness never goes out of fashion.

    Great story, Richard.... BRAVO!!

  43. Well isn't this a whole can of worms.

    Never mind the people who didn't read the story: this one thrills and kills with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor. Very good.

  44. Sal the fiiscal decisions are often responsible for those twists. Thank you.

  45. Thanks Mattt. I appreciate your comment.

  46. Veronica thank you, I always enjoy your observations. Yes indeed, some need to hold onto their views as if they are their last piece of identity.

  47. Christopher thank you for your comment. And yes humour is all part of it.

  48. What did G. expect when he saw that warning? COZIES? Murder is never pretty. Noir is about ugly, twisted people and events.

    Richard is one of the best of his breed. His style is like an ice-pick, soulless. Who else could write about snuff in such a tongue-in-cheek way?

  49. Thanks Cindy, well said. Good to see you here.

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  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Hi Richard

    I enjoyed reading ;-)