Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hellicious Halloween

Everybody's doing it; it's that time of year for god's sake. Halloween always brings out the most delicious dark fiction and pumpkin-slicing horror but it slops out a lot of tripe too.

Well we don't want the banal. From 31st October TKnC will publish seven days of wicked beauty - traditional and bizarre fiction - but it must relate to this most inspiring time of year when the veil is thin; when you have to be so careful who you invite in.

You have between now and 25th October to send only your very best Halloween horror to - with 'Horror Halloween' in the subject line.

This is for stories of 1000 words or less. Otherwise follow our usual guidelines. Please send your story in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Our doors are open...


  1. Is it critical that the story include "Halloween?"

    Example - I've got vampires, and I've got costumes, but I don't have October 31.

    Just askin' :)

  2. Sounds interesting Chris. Send it through and we'll see.


  3. Sending my go at gore . . . this day. {And I betcha Mr Allinotte looks right fetchin' in his change of costume}.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    *wavin'* at all the TKnC groovers

  4. OK. The entries are all in - and they are simply fabulous. Watch out for the week-long schedule - coming soon!

  5. CAN'T WAIT ... CAN'T WAIT ... for these very important dates!

    WoooHooo . . . I'm scarin' 'em up wit'da best! What a Lily Line-up shall be let loose!

    Happy Bewitchin', Botherin' and Bewilderin' folks!

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    AT THE BIJOU and ramblin' 'round WebTowne