Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Submissions suspended...

... due to overload! But the show still goes on...

Hi Folks,

The editors are overjoyed at the site's growing popularity, but this does mean a couple of changes are necessary.

Firstly, the auto-reply email you receive when submitting should now inform you that we could take up to a month before a decision is made regarding your story. So please query only after the month has expired. Obviously, once the backlog's reduced we expect to be quicker.

Also, to the right is a submissions box - simple traffic light system: green means submissions are 'go', and red speaks for itself.

Finally, we've reverted the word count from 2,500 back to 2,000. However, stories already in the pipeline will not be affected.

Postings will continue as normal, and many exciting new stories await.

'Crime Dude' Col

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