Friday, 4 February 2011

Preditors & Editors 'Best of 2010'... Results...!

Well, it was just nice to be nominated, but from the 32 nominees, I'm flabbergasted to announce that I actually won the 'Best Magazine/ezine Editor 2010'.

I humbly accept this award on behalf of Matt and Lee, as a reflection of the joint efforts we all put into running the site. (Final standings here)

Following on from our win in 2009, Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, itself, did really well again, bagging 4th spot out of the 53 nominated fiction-zines. (Final standings here)

Other notable successes were...

Best horror short: Paul Brazill's 'Thump' (TKnC) came 13th out of 62 stories. 'What Doesn't Kill You' (Spook City) by Anthony Cowin finished 8th, and Jodi MacArthur managed two in the top 20 with 'Spindled Souls' (Flashes in the Dark) and 'Pillow Talk' (BEAT to a PULP).

In the other shorts category - Mr Brazill was at it again, making the top ten with 'Anger Management' (Powder Burn Flash). And another TKnC story came in at number 14 - 'Rigor Mortis' by Stephen D. Rogers.

I must add that I can think of many outstanding stories, ezines and editors who were not nominated... so next year let's ensure all your faves are in with a shout.

A massive thanks for all who took the trouble to vote and comment.



  1. Big time and well deserved congratulations Col, and to KTnC (Matt/Lee), Paul, Jodi & Anthony!!!

  2. Yay, fantastic! Congratulations! Well deserved, all of these, absolutely brilliant. :)

  3. Many, many congratulations to you, Col; such a worthy winner. And again to you, Matt and Lee for TKnC overall. Great to see Paul, Tony and Jodi doing so well too. What a talented and lovely lot you are.

  4. Congrats to you, Col and also Matt and Lee; well deserved too!

  5. That's fantastic news. Congrats, Col!

  6. Thanks very much, everyone - if the editors are the heartbeat, then you guys are the blood running through the site.

  7. Well done, buddy! TKnC is awesome, as are its editors.

    "CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS........(You know the rest!)

  8. WELL DONE, Col (and Matt and Lee) - what a journey TKnC has been for you and it's great to see your hard work reap its' just rewards. Delighted for you! x

  9. Cheers, Dave - could be you next year!

    Clare, TKnC has quite literally changed my life.

  10. 'Grats Boys. To say you all deserve it is an understatement.

    It's about time all your hard work around here got a little notice. Be proud.

    And I'll raise a glass for each of 'yez.

  11. Col,

    Congratulations to you, Matt and Lee for the well deserved honor! In TKnC, you have created a great stage for authors to perform.

    -Jim Wilsky

  12. Chris, we are very proud - cheers.

    Jim, your kind words are much appreciated.

    Thanks to everyone.

  13. Fantastic news Col and thoroughly deserved, both your individual award and the collective one for the site.It just proves that the great work going on here at TKnC is being noticed and appreciated out there.

    Also congratulations to Jodi, Paul and everybody else doing for doing so well.

    Thanks for the mention of my story too. I really appreciate that.