Sunday, 29 August 2010

BREAD CRUMBS By Savanna Lujan

This one from newcomer Savanna will get you thinking...

Bread Crumbs.

Let us experiment.

Find a person. Any person really. Get to know him. Get him to trust you. Do anything you have to, to get him to believe in you. Anything. Change your personality, if you must. Kill, if that’s what it takes. It’s when he trusts you that the timing is right.

Betray him. Stab him right in the back. Take from him everything that he holds dear. Let him know that it was you who did it.

Steal his soul. Make it yours.

Watch his reaction. You’ll be surprised at what you find. Can you imagine it?

I’d like to say that I don’t enjoy doing such things. I’d like to say that I only do it because I have to, and it’s true that I have no choice. However, I would be lying. A part of me enjoys it greatly. Such a rush it gives. The other part of me hates it, because I know it’s wrong that I enjoy it.

My comeuppance is coming. I can feel it. Smell it in the air. I’m looking forward to it. Punishment sounds so… invigorating.


* * * *

I know he’s here. So close I can almost taste him. The man who stole my life away. I should be angry with him, but I’m not. I should want revenge, but I don’t. It’s a strange sensation. That man raised me up from nothing - let me enjoy it for a while. Let me get used to it… and then he tore it all away.

I want to see him again. I want to let him know that I didn’t crumble after what he did to me. He needs to know that it takes more to tear me down. He needs to see how well I’m doing. I need to prove him wrong. His theory isn’t right. He can’t destroy everyone.

I want him to try again.

And as I see him coming near me, I know in my heart that he will. He smirks, and I smile back at him.

* * * *

He’s directly across the street from me. I can’t believe that he’s so close. This man who my mother spoke of endlessly. The man that drove her into a worthless state. She became an endless conversation; incapable of letting go of the past. She was pointless insanity - my mother. Right in front of my eyes, the man that put her there.

She told me the same things of him billions of times. Worthless stories, and warnings that probably held truth. It doesn’t matter though, I don’t care to listen to them. It’s not as though I don’t feel for my mother, and the things that this man put her through… but I’ve always wanted to meet him. I still do. I want to spend time with him, to get to know him. The man that breathed life into my body.

Hello, father. Come and greet your son.

* * * *

He’s here - how lucky to meet him here. He’ll pay for what he’s done. He’ll pay for making me do what I did. He’ll suffer for making me lose all those so dear to me. For taking away something I can never get back. His curiosity will be satisfied.

He’ll know what pain is.


He turns around. It seems I’ve interrupted him. Some woman is coming near him. Once smiling. The man opens his mouth to greet me, and I pull out the last thing I have.

A pocket knife.

“Wait!” The woman screams. The demon is grinning.

I point the knife at him, and he backs against a wall. His expression of strained amusement doesn’t fade, and it makes me angry.

I plunge the knife into him, as deep as I can get it.

“Dad!” Someone screams. I’m oblivious to it, caught in my revenge.

“Now, you know, this is what it feels like!” I yell.

He starts laughing.

Savanna Y. Lujan is a timid individual with plenty to say, just not to you. The total word count of how much she talks in a day is maybe 150, but her daily writing word count is in the millions. She loves to write, draw, and loves long hours on the computer. She is single, and enjoys Asian food.


  1. Ooh, I like it! Wasn't sure how it was going to come together but it did, and nicely, at the end.

  2. Hi Savanna

    Terrific Piece

    Very well written